Made daughter delicious egg nest for Easter. Just look at this miracle!

I never decorated the house for Easter. It all comes down to General cleaning, window cleaning and General preparations. But this year inspiration struck and I made the original egg-nest with children! Made Easter composition in the technique, which we all know is still with the lessons.

Easter egg of netoctave need
  • a balloon
  • thread
  • PVA glue
  • acrylic paint
  • buttons, ribbons decor

Ideas for decor
  1. It's very simple: blow up balloon to the desired size, soaked the thread with PVA glue and wrap them based. Leave the product to dry for a day, and then puncture the balloon and carefully take it out. The resulting cut in the workpiece a hole in the side. Zadekorirovat it with flowers or buttons, and the product itself from threads paint with acrylic paints in any color. See the best ideas Easter decor!

With the help of available materials to create original crafts. Definitely try to decorate the house for the holiday!

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