He sawed the part in half Lego to collect something unexpected... How long have I dreamed of such!

LEGO is not just a children's toy. These blocks are so loved by adults, what they make of them the unthinkable: from car bodies to unusual sculptures. Did you know that these colorful blocks can be easily folded in the most unusual items for home? Let your imagination run wild — and for the cause!

The editors of the"Site" shares with you ideas unusual use of LEGO blocks at home and not only.


What can you make out of LEGO
  1. USB drive
    Original USB flash drive with your own hands? A piece of cake! You will need a few pieces of LEGO, a stick, a knife and glue. A little effort and unusual gadget ready.

  2. House for a pet
    Your little friend will definitely appreciate this secluded dwelling.

  3. Door stop
    No longer need to prop the door with anything. Convenient, I agree!

  4. Funny housekeeper
    With this versatile organizer keys will always be in its place. This keychain from LEGO is very simple to make, and most importantly — the size and configuration can be changed as you like!

  5. Flower pot
    A great way to transform boring pots for plants and make a great decoration for the home.

  6. Office accessories
    Put small magnets in LEGO bricks, and you once and for all get rid of the office mess. 004f100914.jpg

    And this office organizer is definitely diversifies the workflow.

  7. Photo frame
    This unusual frame will tenderly cherish the warm moments.

  8. Gift wrap
    Bored with the monotonous gift paper? Then this idea just you have like! Because the packaging itself is a gift.

  9. A bright chest of drawers
    Why waste time on trifles, if you can create a real piece of furniture! This unusual chest of drawers part of the designer is a real miracle. It will be a great addition to a nursery or indispensable in the creative workshop.

  10. A bird feeder
    I agree, this feeder to make it easier to get. Very stylish decoration of the yard, and birds happy and well fed!

  11. Storage container
    Well, very cute organizer for kitchen.

  12. The original coasters
    With such convenient devices can forget about annoying stains on your favorite table.

  13. Unusual puzzle from photos
    Will certainly try to make with a child is like a puzzle. Very original idea!

  14. Cute decorations out of LEGO
    Using details from the designer, you can easily make unusual jewelry. The girls will love it!


  15. Stand for napkins
    This napkin holder is easy to decorate a children's holiday! And most importantly — the children will be happy to assist you in the preparation of the house for the party.

Looks impressive! Because the scope of this popular designer is limited only by human imagination. So rather invent something original and get to work.

Will certainly share this fun article with your friends.

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