Do not be discouraged!

The only person who survived after a shipwreck, was stranded on a desert island. He struggled and prayed to God, and every day looked at the horizon, but no one swam for help.

Thirty six million three hundred eighty six thousand three hundred ninety nine

Exhausted, he finally built a hut from the wreckage of the ship to protect it from the elements and keep their few belongings. But one day, after wandering in search of food, he came back and saw that his hut in flames and ascend to heaven in smoke.The worst thing happened: he lost everything.

Enveloped in grief and despair, he exclaimed: "why, God?»

Early the next morning he was awakened by the sound of approaching the island the ship, hurrying to help.

Eighty seven million three hundred twenty one thousand five hundred one

— How did you know I was here? the man asked his rescuers.

— We saw your signal fire, they said.

How easy it is to fall into despair when trouble comes. But we should not give up, because God cares about us even when we encounter pain and suffering. This should be remembered every time your hut is burning to the ground: maybe it's a fire alarm, calling for help. published 


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