Think about what you say to your children!

And you can do it too with your kids?You tell them that you wanted to have an abortion? In detail describe how hard life lived in the moment and how you wanted by the way? Talk about all the attempts to get rid of him at different stages of pregnancy? Or maybe you reproach him that despite all the previous abortion, that child you left behind? And, of course, do not forget to repeatedly mention how he was lucky enough?

If you do, then you do not have to have children. And to be absolutely fair, if your adult child will leave you. You do not want it, who to blame? I just don't understand from what motives do you tell your child about your mental misery? What he should do with this information? How to do? Yes, even in the age when the child is not able to withstand the rejection of this level. For him, such acceptance, when his parents didn't comparable in scale intrapersonal disaster with a nuclear explosion.

Go to psychologists and psychotherapists and there cry about how you were so hard why you wanted to kill the baby or the father of the child forced you to terminate the pregnancy. Child know this is not necessary. Grown children do not want to live, because the world, which for a child in childhood was the mother, it is not accepted, rejected, pushed away and refused. Why would he be in a world where it is not needed?

For anyone in a stressful situation, depressed the fact that he was wanted and loved even before birth, is a powerful vital resource. This is the thread that binds man to life, strengthens the contact with those people who initiated it.

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It is a deep and powerful message: "we need You. Important you are. We appreciate you. We waited for you."

In these words the people of any age to find the strength to live, and they have someone to hold on to. Saying this to your friend, you give him support during the most difficult periods of life.

The trauma of being unwanted spoils with people's lives and often leads to suicide. Think about what you say to your children. At any age they don't need to know that you never wanted them. Wear your pain specialists. published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik

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