Kinesiology exercises for kids: improve memory and attention

The development of the brain of the child begins in utero and continues actively after birth.

Research physiologists the right hemisphere of the brain, humanitarian, imaginative, creative – responsible for body coordination, spatial visual and kinesthetic perception. Left cerebral hemisphere – mathematical, iconic, verbal, logical, analytical – responsible for perception of auditory information, setting goals and designing programs. The unity of the brain consists of two hemispheres, closely connected by a system of nerve fibers (corpus callosum).

The corpus callosum (megalocornea connection) is between the cerebral hemispheres in parieto-occipital and consists of two hundred million nerve fibers. It is necessary to coordinate the work of the brain and transfer information from one hemisphere to the other.

Violation of the corpus callosum distorts the cognitive activity of children. If disturbed conduction through the corpus callosum, the leading hemisphere is taking on a greater burden, and the other is blocked. Both hemispheres begin to work without a connection. Violated spatial orientation, appropriate emotional response, coordination visual and auditory perception with the work of the writing hand. The child in this state cannot read and write, perceiving information by ear or eye.

A significant part of the cerebral cortex of human brain cells is associated with activity of the hands, especially the thumb, which a person opposed to all the other fingers.

In preparing children for school it is necessary to pay great attention to the development of the corpus callosum. The main development of hemispheric relations is formed by the girls up to 7 years boys up to 8 – 8.5 years. Developing intellectual and thinking processes necessary to start with the development of finger movements and body. Developmental work should be directed from the movements, to thinking, and not Vice versa. For the successful training and development of the child at school one of the main conditions is full development in preschool childhood the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum (megalocornea interaction) can be developed through special exercises.

Kinesiology – the science of brain development through movement. It has existed for two hundred years and is used worldwide.

Kinesio exercise is a series of movements to activate megalocornea impact. Special movements were used by Hippocrates and Aristotle.

Special exercises develop the corpus callosum, increase stress resistance, sinhroniziruete the work of the hemispheres, improve mental activity, improve memory and attention, facilitate the process of reading and writing.

Exercises should be carried out daily. From the beginning children from an early age learning to perform finger games from simple to complex. After the children learned to perform finger games five finger give the complex special exercises, consisting of three hand positions consistently replacing each other. A child does with an adult, then your own memory.

Through movement exercises for the fingers to be payment the left hemisphere and activation of hemispheric impact, which contributes to children's stress by learning to the school. published


Author: Parascovia Petrova

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