16 animals who know what a real mutual

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Not only people tend to exhibit altruism. Our smaller brethren are also ready to provide support to those who need it.

We Website found funny and touching examples of friendship and assistance among animals from around the world. We already want to go and do something good and useful. And you?

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You can endlessly look at fire, water and pandas helping each other

Spaniel was replaced orphaned lambs mother, learning to feed babies milk from a bottle

The Raven and the vulture was going to hunt

The baboons chased the leopard, which attacked the antelope, and thus saved her life

Black swans in a Chinese Safari Park to feed the fish

A paw

Chicken comforting kittens during a thunderstorm

The horse pulled the blind Yorkshire Terrier out of the water when he started to sink

If other want green leaves, you're just putting back

Caring cat supported cat during childbirth. The couple had two 4 kittens

Want to teach this trick your hamster

When the mother duck left the nest with eggs, the chicken took its place. After the appearance of the 3 ducklings to the upbringing of offspring joined, and goose

The bear pulled out a crow, which fell into the water

Not to be bored and lonely, these cats from a shelter every day, support each other

Each of us needs friends like that!

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