A bit of interesting myths about money and wealth

"Buy when everyone else is selling. Sell ​​when everyone is buying. "Baron Rothschild.

Wealth Formula, expressed by Baron Rothschild, is not obsolete and still. But it said it was more than a hundred years ago.

Strange all the people being ... Everyone, of course, the person, but the telly or so affects the contemporary "homo hapiens" or people simply have forgotten how to think and be critical of the fact that "and so everyone knows." And how to spell, almost all repeat the same thing, without thinking about the meaning, and act "like everyone else." Including in the financial sector.

So, let us ungrateful thing, namely, financial debunk some myths. At least a dozen of the most common.

1. "To a lot of money, we should not be lazy, but work. A lot of". I can imagine how much would have to dig tens of thousands of kilometers of trenches Bill Gates to earn as much as he has now. Objective statistics said that it quickly earned billions - is a successful implementation of all good ideas.

2. "Money can not buy happiness." Happiness is really not about the money, but the people who say this usually just do not know how to make decent money. And never give up khalyavnykh money. A freebie does not happen. For everything in life you have to pay. However, these people are the main "customers" of different lotteries, pyramid schemes, and outright scams. And then sighed heavily, trying to justify "money can not buy happiness».

3. "Life must be lived today. And what will happen tomorrow? All of a sudden illness, the war machine go astray ... "Statistics still says that survive until retirement very much. And not having a stock of money for a decent life, think that they are not to blame and someone else.

4. "The husband should earn, wife to spend." And if the guy just can not make more of his wife, but the man he is an economic, cost-effective and far-sighted? And if the wife "profukivaet" monthly salary her husband one day, what to do? Maybe, even in this case, the wife spends only what she earns, or her husband will entrust to spend?

5. "This sweet word - a freebie." In a more cultural interpretation - "free". At any competently organized sale with giveaways average customer leaves a lot more money than during the ordinary course of trade.

6. "other people and to engage in a while, and give their forever." This is repeated many people simply do not know how to handle money. And if suddenly neighbor sells useless to him, but really your desired product at all for nothing? Why not borrow?

7. "Money corrupts." Well no! Just a lot of money exposes the true nature of man. By the way, alcohol is resorted to as an antidepressant in periods of lack of money, corrupts much more!

8. "To get rich, you have to earn a lot." And what's the point, if you spend all earned? Money will still be missed. To get rich, you must learn not only more money, but also significantly less waste! Then the money will always be at your fingertips!

9. "It is necessary to maintain its status!". There is nothing more foolish than not heard in my life! See how to dress, what goes on in one house lives Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world with a personal fortune of over $ 50 billion. Who cares, home he bought for 30,000 (thirty thousand dollars) (compare prices for apartments in Moscow and cottages in the suburbs), and a car for 1400 (one thousand four hundred) dollars (cheaper than domestic "Lada"). The phone does not change already for several years as a suit, sweater and shoes. This is when some billions. Tens of billions of cash! Just for a man thing more important bluffs! A man who knows the value of money, very rarely spend them on expensive toys. And if they spend, in order to advertise to eventually get so much more. And you do so? 10. "If all this buying, it means a good product." Not always. Usually, it happens, but can be sold all bullshit nemerenoe number of people, most importantly, well-organized advertising campaign. "MMM" remember?

All these myths behind the scenes strongly supported as producers of goods and services and the media who serve these manufacturers. The medicine from getting under hypnosis only one of these myths. Think critically evaluate their financial activities, and never be guided by the majority view.


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