1. Most words in the Ukrainian language starts with the letter "p". The most common letter of the Ukrainian alphabet – "o". Least frequently used letters "f" and "Ohno".
2. One of the most famous songs in the world – Summertime – George Gershwin wrote under the impression of the lullaby "Oh go sleep Kolo vikon" performed by the Ukrainian National choir.
3. The third most visited McDonald's in the world – in Kiev, near the train station. This place always gets the five most crowded McDonald's in the world. In the past year there have made more than two million orders.
4. Metro station "Arsenalna" in Kyiv is the deepest in the world and it goes underground for 105 meters. The station was built one of the first, in 1960, in the vicinity of the Parliament building. According to some reports, the tunnels near the "Arsenal" is a secret refuge for the political elite.
5. Ukrainians are the fifth most-drinking nation in the world. We beat only Moldavians, Russians, Hungarians and Czechs. An average Ukrainian older than 15 drinks per year 15.6 liters of alcohol per liter more than an Irishman and almost two Norwegians.
6. Ukrainian anthem consists of only six lines – four verses and two chorus. The remaining verses of the hymn, created by the poet Paul Chubinsky and composer Mikhail Verbitsky, was not approved as it is not quite politically correct ("we Become the brothers in fight bloody from Xiang to the don" implies a claim on the territory of Russia and Poland)
7. In Europe reveal 30-40% of crimes in Ukraine — 90%. Human rights activists explained that our unnaturally rosy statistics is the result of reluctance to record "hopeless" cases (like thefts of mobile phones) and knock confessions from suspects.
8. In Ukraine, the largest reserves of manganese ore in the world, 2.3 billion tons or about 11% of all deposits of the planet. We also have a lot of iron ore – 7% of world reserves.
9. The Ukrainians, namely the Antonov design Bureau, have developed the aircraft with the largest carrying capacity in the world – An -255 "Mriya". It was originally designed for the transport of the spacecraft. Now "Mriya" makes commercial shipping.
10. Ukrainian Hetman Pylyp Orlyk in 1710 introduced "Pacts and Constitution of rights and liberties Zaporizhia army", at that time a super-progressive document which meant a division of power into three branches and regulate the rights and obligations of government and citizens. In fact it was an agreement between the Hetman, the Cossacks and the Ukrainian people. Some researchers believe this document is one of the first constitutions in the world.
11. One of the world's most famous Christmas songs – a "shchedryk" folk song recorded by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovich. The world knows her as Carol of the Bells or Ring Christmas Bells. On Youtube different versions of "Shchedryk" gaining millions of views.
12. Ukraine on its own initiative, refused the third of the world's largest Arsenal of nuclear weapons. At the time of independence, we have had over a thousand nuclear warheads and the world's third largest nuclear potential after Russia and America. The warheads and missiles were given to Russia, silos destroyed. In response, Ukraine received money for disarmament, plus security guarantees from the nuclear powers.
13. Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko found about 1,200 sites around the world, most of them located in Western Ukraine.
It is not clear who in Ukraine – Shevchenko and Lenin, because neither the Communist party, the Ministry of culture records leaders no longer lead.
14. Ukrainian Mykola Syadristy, though not a Lefty, but shod flea, just like in a fairy tale. Flea can be seen in the Kiev Museum of miniatures.
15. In Ukraine, unlike the rest of the world, batteries are not disposed of separately. And they contain toxic elements which heavily pollute water and soil.
16. At the time of independence, Ukraine was inhabited by 19.4 million pigs, today there are half — 8.3 million. Despite its reputation of saloed, an average Ukrainian eats only 18 kg of pork a year. This is three times less than the average German.
17. Ukrainian powerlifter, Dmitry khaladji listed in the Guinness Book of records as the author of over two dozen records. For example, he passed the "devil's smithy" — lying on the nails, and put on top of the 700-pound plate, which smashed with sledgehammers.
18. Ukrainian "Pivdenmash" (Dnepropetrovsk) produces the most environmentally friendly launch vehicles in the world. Using them in space send commercial goods in the framework of the international project "Sea launch".
19. The oldest known map of the scientists and also the most ancient settlement of Homo Sapiens found in Ukraine, in the village Mezhyrichchia (not the Ukraine), Rivne region. They are 14.5 – 15 thousand years. The map is embossed on the bones of a mammoth, with the same material and the settlement.
20. The official Guinness world record: Ukrainians made the world's largest glass of champagne – 56.25 liters.


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