Grandfatherly advice ingrown nail treatment. Get rid of this problem once and for all!

Ingrown toenail gives a person a lot of problems. It is not only very unattractive and unhygienic, but also causes severe pain and discomfort. Therefore, from this problem you need to get rid of as soon as possible, as delaying treatment can cause more serious consequences in the form of a strong inflammation of the tip of your finger and suppuration.

Most often, the nails grow on the toes, but in General it can happen on any other finger. This is usually due to uncomfortable shoes, fungus, sudden weight gain, poor pedicure and various injuries. In any case, this defect must be fought. About some of the most effective ways you will tell the editors "Website".

How to treat ingrown nail
  1. You need to soften the skin and nail plate. Take a bath with the addition of magnesium sulfate. After this procedure is easy to push the soft tissue and trim the ingrown nail. If the nail is very sore, you can make a bath of manganese. The pain goes away in minutes. After you apply a softening ointment and natural wear warm socks.

  2. If the nail festers, then attach it to Kombucha. This tool will also help if the fungus on the feet. Need evening, apply a thick layer of fungus on your finger and secure it with a bandage. Then put on wool socks to feet properies and go to bed. Morning just a quick clip a nail.

  3. If the ingrown nail is not a single phenomenon, but your constant problem, then use following method. Roll up a small piece of cotton wool swab and place it between the nail plate and the skin. This is quite a painful procedure and requires accuracy to once more not to damage the finger. Change cotton swabs several times a day, so as not to contaminate it. Soon you will forget about the problem.

  4. To the ingrown nail can make the night a mixture consisting of finely grated peel of a lemon and vegetable oil. Pre-leg, you need to be steaming in the bath with a solution of baking soda. The result is noticeable the next morning: the nail becomes more plastic, its edge can be carefully straightened and cut.

To prevent this trouble, wear breathable shoes and promptly do a pedicure. After all, any illness is easier to prevent than to cure. Don't forget to share useful information with your friends!

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