How to solve the problem of ingrown nails

Noted is quite painful and causing severe discomfort, a condition in which the skin around the nail becomes inflamed (could be due to the ingrowth of the nail), and in some cases accompanied by infection.

In today's article we would like to address to this problem, to talk about the symptoms and possible causes of this condition, as well as offer several treatment options natural remedies that you can use at home and that there is probably every housewife in the kitchen (e.g., lemon, salt, thyme, onion, egg, or carrots).




What are the symptoms?

That appeared nogueda, you will learn by redness and/or swelling of the skin around the nail plate. As a rule, clicking on it will bring pain, in some cases, may enter and develop the infection, this will signal the accumulation of pus.

Possible causes

Noted may receive one or several of the following reasons:

— Long nails.
— Abnormal growth of the nail plate.
— Trauma of the skin due to the ingrowth of the nail.
Unsuitable footwear that is too much pressure on the fingers.
— Excessive sweating.
— Skin diseases.

An infusion of thyme (thyme)

Thyme (or thyme) refers to a medicinal plant with many beneficial properties for our health, it can be used to deal with infections and inflammation, and soothe the pain, then there is just the perfect remedy for ingrown nails and negroide.

The infusion is prepared very simply: 2 tablespoons of thyme per Cup of boiling water. You should to brew for five minutes and then when slightly cooled, immersed in his damaged finger (or fingers) for 5-10 minutes. To achieve the desired result, repeat this procedure several times a day.

Lemon and salt

Using these two simple ingredients can make an effective remedy for the treatment of ingrown toenail. Take the lemon and make a small hole, pour a little bit of sea salt and would put on the damaged finger. Leave it so for 20 minutes and repeat this procedure daily until relief and noted will not work.

The components, both salt, and lemon have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action.

Onion poultice (a poultice)

Onion also has anti-inflammatory properties, it is used in the treatment of various ailments and diseases, and this case is no exception. And it can be used in a very simple way.

First, you boil the onion and mash it until a homogeneous mass. Then shift still warm the resulting paste in a sterile dressing (gauze or fabric). And a poultice applied to the affected finger, you can even secure the bandage to increase the exposure time to at least two hours.

Compress (poultice) of carrots

All of these tools are equally effective, you can choose the most suitable to you specifically, based on the available products in the kitchen.

A compress made from carrots, for example, will act the same way as the onion, with the only difference that it is, as the name implies, of carrots. This vegetable is in addition that will help to get rid of ingrown toenail and nogtey can also restore damaged skin.

This compress should be done three times a day and keep at least 15 minutes.

Egg white

This tool refers to the quick and gives very good results if you use it often (until you notice that there is improvement). And you need to do the following: beat the egg whites and apply it on the damaged area several times a day. Residues do not empty and store in the refrigerator for three days.

And can we prevent it?

The appearance of ingrown nails and nogtey can be avoided if you follow these tips:

Try to ensure that nails were always neatly trimmed (and preferably of the same shape). The same applies to the cuticles, use special tools and saws to prevent the appearance of burrs.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes that make you feel a lot of pressure on the fingers (narrow shoes, etc.). It is very important that the natural shape of the foot is not "broken", free space must remain still in order for the skin to breathe. You should also avoid wearing shoes with high heels (at least for a long time).

If you drop on the nail something heavy or injury of another nature, use natural remedies for the treatment (of course, if the case is not serious and does not require surgical intervention).

Don't forget about the fact that the skin of the hands and feet must be well hydrated. It is best to use creams with vitamin E or vegetable oils.

If the damaged area there are also fungal diseases, in addition to the chosen method of treatment will be required every day to drip some essential oil of tea tree (because it is a very strong antifungal agent).

Last thoughts: if you notice that you have the infection and it in spite of you are taking action is not (and/or intensifies, it is the area of skin lesions is becoming more and more), it is best to immediately consult a doctor to avoid possible complications (abscess, infection, loss of nail). They occur rarely, but it's better not to neglect, because it is your health. published


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