6 best SOS of best practices for ingrown hair: tip # 1 — a real salvation!

Ingrown hair is a problem faced by almost every representative of the fairer sex. Such a defect often occurs due to improperly performed procedures to remove unwanted hair.

To avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs, you must first clean the skin with soap and warm water. Then it is essential to use a cleansing scrub that will help remove the layer of dead cells. The procedure of shaving cannot be conducted without a special foam or gel. Remember that you should always use a sharp razor!

Today the editors of "Site" will share with you the most popular ways of getting rid of ingrown hairs. I hope they will help you with this sensitive issue.

How to get rid of ingrown hairs
  1. Method # 1
    Make sugar paste shugaring and follow the procedure of sugaring in the place where there is an ingrown hair. After shugaring put a wet, warm cloth on the skin area and leave for 10 minutes. Disinfect the tweezers and the skin area which has ingrown hair. Using tweezers, remove the remaining hairs. After these procedures, you should take a shower and put on the skin coconut oil.

  2. Method # 2
    If you don't want to get rid of ingrown hair with the tweezers, there is a method more gentle. It is necessary to prepare a paste of soda and water. It should be applied after showering, massaging with circular motions the skin area which has ingrown hair. 2 days after this procedure, you can do hair removal, but not before!

  3. Method # 3
    Scrubbing with sugar — an excellent prevention from ingrown hairs. To do this, mix 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and 10 drops of essential tea tree oil.

  4. Method # 4
    The mixture of concoctions and hydrogen peroxide also helps to get rid of imperfections in the form of ingrown hairs. One tablespoon fresh-water sponge it is necessary to dilute hydrogen peroxide to the consistency of sour cream. The composition should be applied on the feet and leave to act for 10-15 minutes. After that you need to wash the mixture and apply baby cream on the area of skin with ingrown hair.

  5. Method # 5
    A mixture of aspirin and glycerin in equal proportions also promotes stretching of ingrown hairs to the surface. It is necessary to apply the resulting composition on the area of skin with ingrown hair and leave to act for 1 hour. You then rinse and apply on skin baby cream.

  6. Method # 6
    To prepare this scrub you need to mix half a Cup of sea salt, a teaspoon of orange essential oil and a small amount of moisturizer. While taking a shower to put the mask on a patch of skin with ingrown hair in a circular motion. After you need to apply a mixture of tincture of calendula and salicylic acid in a ratio of 1: 1. The final step is the moisturizing baby cream.

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