Causes of ingrown toenail and treatment

Ingrown nail (onychocryptosis) is a phenomenon in which the nail plate is deformed and grows into the skin of the nail fold (usually by implication, as a problem of both big toes). This process of "burying" of the nail, which is accompanied by unpleasant pain with the manifestations of skin irritation, redness, swelling on the skin and redness of the toes.We can distinguish several causes of ingrown nails:
  • Heredity. Many people have a genetic predisposition to this abnormal phenomenon of ingrown nail.
  • Injury. Sometimes the phenomenon of ingrown toenail can be the result of trauma to the nail bed, by reason of participation in sports or other events associated with active, physical exertion, during which there is an active repeated pressure on the toes. Judging includes abnormal gait and posture.
  • Improper care. The most common cause of ingrown toenail is improper trimming of the nail plate when there is a sharp corner or a nail trimmed.
  • Uncomfortable, hard, ill-matched, sometimes not the size, shoes contributes to ingrown nail.
  • The nail changes. Ingrown nails can be caused by diseases of the nails, such as fungal infections.
  • The predisposition. Congenital malformation of nail on fingers, congenital abnormality of the foot.
  • Hygiene, sweating of the feet and lack of elementary rules of hygiene contributes to the development of pathology of the growth of the nail plate.
  • Diabetes, obesity, arthritis.
Treatment of ingrown nail

If there is a problem of ingrown toenail, many do not know where to go for treatment of this disease. There is even a special profession – a doctor-a podiatrist, and this man deals with the treatment of the feet and nails. A podiatrist is a chiropodist, and can be paired with a dermatologist. This specialist may notice changes to Your feet and to prevent pathological processes. Usually the treatment of ingrown toenail without surgery. To prevent foot disorders, it is recommended to visit a specialist Podiatry at least 1 time per year.



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