Simple exercise to relieve tension in the lower back

Many of those who have to spend long hours standing on feet or sitting, tired lower back. The tension in this part of the body can be reduced if to squat.



Caution: this provision is one of the most natural poses, however, people experiencing certain problems with the knees, the squat is contraindicated. If you have any doubts regarding the abilities of your body, you should consult with a qualified professional.

From a standing position sit down on his haunches, turning the feet outward at an angle of about 15°. Knees should be diluted to 10-30 cm, depending on the flexibility of your body, or, as you will gain some experience in stretching, what part of your body you are going to stretch.



Sitting on his haunches stretched knees, back, ankle, Achilles tendon and groin area. Try to keep the knees were located outside of the shoulders, right above the big toes. Keep a pleasant stretch for 10-15 seconds. For some of you it will be very easy to make, some very difficult.

Options. At first, some of you may be difficult to balance, particularly people with especially tight ankle and Achilles ' tendons can fall back. If you can't take the positions shown in the figure, try to master it using the following exercises.

Try to sit on the ground on a gentle slope from the driveway to the garage or on the slope or lean back against the wall.

For balance you can use the vertical pole or fence.

Get some experience, you will see thatit is an extremely comfortable position, which helps relieve tension in the lower back. Now go back to the original standing position.

Options. Take a standing position with feet shoulder width apart or wider, hands lightly rested in the inner part of the thighs just above the knees. Start slowly squat, simultaneously spreading his thighs out to the sides until you feel a light stretch in the groin area. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Exercise is useful but also for ankle and Achilles tendon. Do not drop the hips below the knee level.

If you have any knee issues, be careful. When pojavlenii pain stop stretching.

To increase the degree of stretch in the groin area, take a sitting position on the squat, press your elbows into the inner thighs and gently spread them to the side, simultaneously bending forward from the hips.

Grasp the foot with your hands so that your thumbs were on the inner sides of the feet and the rest with external. Hold for 15 seconds. Don't overdo it.

If you find it difficult to keep his balance, slightly raise your heels off the floor.

To rise from a sitting position on the squatting to the standing position, gently pull your chin back, keep your back straight and use the force of one quadriceps muscle.

Get up, do not tilt the head forward so as not to overwork the neck and back.published


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