An unexpected version of women's aging

The international study, which involved scientists from the USA, Switzerland, China and even Singapore, has generated an unexpected version of the female aging.

Scientists have discovered that women's restlessness and impatience reduces the length of telomeres, and therefore accelerates aging.

But let's start from the beginning.

Some time ago a key concept in gerontology was the concept of the effect of the length of the telomeres on aging.

Telomeres are the end part of the chromosomes.The critical length of telomeres is 12.8 human telomeric repeats.Let's try to explain what it is.

From school we know that our cells divide continuously. However, the discoveries of recent years say that no, not always.But only as long as the telomere is long enough. Once there is a critical period, when the chromosomes are divided, can no longer connect again. Compare this, for example, a hair ribbon, which we from time to time cut the tips... and she can't gather the hair together, because she simply didn't have enough length.

Now, scientists have discovered that in each cycle of dividing cells telomeres are shortened.

But it was only a saying. And now, the tale.

It turned out that the length of telomeres, genshin (from women!) depend on its nature. The more calm, patient and wise woman, the longer her telomeres.

One of the experiments carried out in China within the framework of the study was, you might say, psychological.

Chinese students of 21-22 years, offered to donate blood in exchange for monetary compensation. Knowing the situation in China, it is clear that wishing was enough, namely 1158 people agree that it is enough to draw conclusions. In the experiment it was another condition. You can collect money immediately, but a smaller amount, or at a later time, but a large amount.

Now, scientists have got: blood samples of students and features of their character in a single experiment.
And found that...

Telomere length of leukocytes of the girls who showed impatience, was less than those who decided to wait a large amount of money.

Modern scholars interpret the length of telomeres as biological age (in addition to the functions of coupling, telomere has a protective function).

If you continue the thought: Impatience – stressapptest – accelerated aging.

Oddly enough, but in men the connection between impatience and telomere length was found.

The results of the research, the authors published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and briefly about it it is reported on the website Medical Xpress.

Conclusion: PATIENCE IS a VERY IMPORTANT TRAIT to WOMEN. Ladies, let us develop patience! published


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