To GROW up, peering over the edge of his illusions...

A person's maturity is determined by its ability to live with uncertainty. As long as man struggles with fate, trying to bargain with her a lifetime warranty, he never Matures.

As a wise fish, he shy away from danger, cowardly, doing its own survival.The quality of life due to their own passive position and how surrounding come with him.

Maturity is not determined by age. Growth comes through overcoming. Life-wise, and we do not understand its laws to the end. Probably, and therein lies its beauty.Another life event that opens the horizons of vision and depth of understanding.


Lesson by lesson, mistake after mistake. Dip life to the harsh reality just as lousy kitten poke the muzzle to where he shat. Like a stern parent, life teaches us that gets in his forehead when we stubbornly do not notice it kicks ass.

For me, one of these kicks was the case, when the teenager tried to disrupt the chain from her neck. Just when I was confident in their invincibility at 100%.

It was early autumn. Clear Sunny day, a crowded street and I — in the seventh month of pregnancy. Its genetics are fairly petite, so my seventh month of pregnancy were visually drawn to the full ninth, in the sense that it is invisible to others is gone. Generally the pregnancy, when it is good for is magic as for any woman, and that day I really was in some unreal condition.

The mood matched the weather. Happy and joyful, I bought a bouquet of colorful asters. Probably from the outside I looked fantastic. Who remember me a year and a half ago, he can confirm that I did not walk the earth and was floating in the clouds. It seemed that the peace, calmness, joy and happiness simultaneously entered into me and firmly settled inside.

My heart was totally safe and secure. Well, how could anything bad happen to me? How can someone hurt a pregnant woman? Of course not: the world is like a mirror, if you smile at him, he will be supportive and friendly to you. Or not?

And here I am "going home" with a bouquet of bright asters. I didn't even see around the passers-by: vibration and mentally connecting with the baby, I slowly walked down the street.

Meet me were two teenagers: stylish boys, wealthy, roughly senior school age. At some point, one of them quickened my pace, rapidly caught up with me, grabbed the chain, yanked it out and began to run away. Meanwhile, the second quietly passed as if in his eyes nothing happened.

I stopped and tried to ascertain what happened. Put her hand to her neck and felt the chain: ugh... she is on the spot. The guy was going for a pendant, but a bouquet of flowers, which I held at chest level prevented him from making the leap harder. A thief he was still young and inexperienced, fear of punishment forced him away before he discovered that the Cam chain is not.

I am in tears ran home.

Yes, theft was not, but I was scared. My imagination began to compose possible scenarios of development of the situation, and her head floated thousands of "what if he....". Gradually I calmed down, joined the rational part of consciousness.

"How is that even possible? Why is this happening to me? I never thought that with me such can happen." Of course, I've heard chilling stories of crimes that have occurred with other people. And here I am... It's impossible: with others – Yes, me – no. I'm good.

The danger comes from, from whom I never expected, and when, in all fairness, nothing could happen. Where roll the world? Where is the justice? A typical all about the world cracked.


I involuntarily looked out over the edge of illusion, like a child who's peeking through his fingers, playing hide and seek.

What I saw was unpleasant and this is now to be live. Typical magical thinking: if I'm good, I'm never going to do bad things.

Incident as a nightmare that has fulfilled its main function –has awakened a sleeping showed the uncertainty of life in all its manifestations, has debunked the myth of his own amazingness and uniqueness.

If I'm good, good and no harm – it does not mean that I was chosen by fate and protected her from the oncoming evil. It does not mean anything. I'm not the navel of the earth, a small speck against the background of the scale of life. I am an ordinary. Of course, in the world there are no more people like me, each is unique and unique, but not exceptional and the chosen one, who is not subject to the action of vital laws. My truth existed only in vnutripsihicheskoy space and does not spread to the outside world. I have no idea who came up with these laws and why, but they have and I saw them in action. There is only what is. This does not mean that the world is evil, dangerous, and all men are wolves. It just means that life has its own laws that have nothing to do with my understanding of them, and not the same as my magical thinking.

The belief in singularity is the belief in their invulnerability. At some point in life each of us is faced with the fact, what is not ready: it may be an incurable disease, failures, divorce, death of a loved one...

The belief in their own singularity – protective education, which gives inner sense of security, a belief that there is someone wiser and stronger than us, who cares and will not tolerate injustice.

But life is different. There is no justice. No one ever promised it would be easy. Getting older is impossible to prepare for — life's your turn, which is unknown to us. You need to learn to live, accepting all its uncertainty and unpredictability, to understand its lessons, and make difficult choices, to take responsibility for them and move on in life. Or not to draw conclusions, running in circles, continuing to live in illusions, from time to time when faced with another of their downfall. And once again inquire for life: "For what?! Why?!"

Life is full of uncertainty, to shift the balance coming events that undermine familiar to the foundations of life.


At such moments, want to find a place where it is possible to make the transition from the recognition and comprehension of what happened to specific conclusions and decisions. To find your personal "garden of Gethsemane", where you can cry tears, to feel relief and peace. This is the place where you can heal and our soul to go where you can work out internal issues and make meaning out of the unpredictability of life.

The only place that gives a sense of security, hearth and home.

If life pushed you to the circumstances, which shatter the foundations of the familiar, be sure to find yourself is "the place". Such "place" can be a circle of friends and loved ones, friends, spiritual teachers, psychologists or completely unfamiliar people, who experienced a similar traumatic experience.

Each of us needs a refuge where he feels safe, where I can openly talk about himself, knowing that he will not condemn where can loudly cry, recognizing its weakness in the face of life. From there he will come, feeling that it has become easier and part of the problem has resolved itself. published


Author: Tatiana Sarapina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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