Recurring events: a reliable way to understand what you are at the mercy of her life's script

The most reliable way to "suspect" that you are at the mercy of their life scenario is a recurring event. And at some point you begin to guess that it is not in others, and in your "personal program".

We call this program life scenario in which all the laws of the theatre has its own characters, scenes, their roles. For many years (and throughout life) we play the same show with slight variations. A natural desire to change the record.

How? For a start, you should recognize your scenario: what is your role, what makes you want to play the same role as you do this and where is the point at which you "go to the next round"?

Comes to me as a woman. Looks about 30. "I can't,- he says - to get married. Carefully choose. Long straight. And when, finally, decide that this is the person with whom you can build long-term relationship, he disappears."

Looking at this woman, it is impossible to believe that it is difficult to find a partner. Young. Beautiful. Held. Self-sufficient. Financial officer of the company. Provided. In General, it's all there. And you! Well, let's deal!

What is the type of woman that I described? This is a woman with a strong character. She used to rely only on themselves. She valued the achievements of their own hands. Of course, knows her worth and can stand up for themselves. Someone has got their destiny do not trust. Strong – what can I say!

You know what, more than anything wants a strong woman? Of course, to relax! To throw off the burden of responsibility, to stop, finally, to make decisions, to cuddle up to a reliable men's shoulder... That is looking for it support in life. Carefully looking for... for a Long time keeps at a distance, keeping the facade of a strong and independent nature.

The impression she makes on men? Lioness! Grace and strength! And goes on the hunt, the prey will bring, and in the wilds of life will find a way not to get lost. For her, like a stone wall! Strong men afraid to meet! It is better such to have friends or business partners! And family life with such a woman will strive to build the man that he needs support and care.

And here they met. Communicate. He, of course, shows itself from the best side. It is, as we know, keeps his distance, eyeing. Until that point, the solitaire converges both: she sees a strong man (it's been a bit distant, close and it does not admit, therefore, the true fact can not see). And he has for a long time sees self-sufficient facade. Both dream come true... until the moment she makes the decision: Yes, it was him, someone I can finally trust and open!

What does she do after that? Falls on his chest. It is easy to guess what happens to him. Frightened and runs away... there was found 2 to be alone...

You ask what happened to my client. Three months later four were married. For the person for whom they wanted. Sometimes mere awareness enough that the script has lost the power over you.

My work is in many respects compared to the work of the Jack. Help the man to rise above the beaten track to see how it works, what is the depth of what scale. Looked around, what other spaces (opportunities), they can learn. After that, want, ride your route on, want to get out and accumulating new ways.

Sometimes a person has to help to explore new territory. First, scary. Secondly, it is necessary to make decisions (because the track is all set, there is no need to think). Thirdly, to form a new vital values and skills.

In the case I just described, my client had to admit that too large a distance is badly visible partner, and to reconsider the myth that the only way to feel safe is to stay at long range.

She had to learn new ways to take care of themselves, but to "keep in the fist", as well as new ways of expressing their partner's expectations, wishes, anxieties. None of us are free from this scenario. The only question is, are you handling him or he you. published


Author: Elena Chumakova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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