5 types of lovers of women, in which each can learn

On the basis of their psychological characteristics, each woman in love behaves differently. To help strengthen the relationship and to avoid making mistakes, we have identified the role that our subconscious plays in love.

The website offers you to learn the 5 most typical types of lovers of women.


For this type of women is characteristic to be a sort of Cinderella: the room cleaning, cooking and Laundry service. Sweetheart Mila who is looking into the mouth of the beloved, completely under him adjusted and completely forgets about his beloved and their needs.

What is its error: most likely, the nurse life bestowed immense care, but forgot to take into account her own desires. She lives on the model of his mother — when love and Hyper inextricably linked. "Honey, what time are you coming back? Me the dumplings have to cook, or to wait?"

How to fix: the nurse should understand that it is not a free application to the plate. And if it ceases to be for her man mommy, he will continue to love her. It is also necessary to remember about themselves and their desires.


"He was older than her, she was good." No matter how old she is: 18 or 30. Lolita sees his partner and father figure and behaves like a little girl: looking for care and protection in his face.

What is her fault: such relations for Lolita is just a transition period. Taking off from the mother the parental nest, this girl is not yet ready to adult partnerships. So it clings to the patron, but sooner or later loses interest in him.

How to fix: Yes, it is sometimes useful to be in a relationship most of this little girl. Batting her eyelashes, look at his all-knowing man and wonder what he's wise. (And even if you have two MBA.) It is important to be for men are different: a homemaker, a caring friend or the perfect lover — then the harmony in the relationship will definitely be guaranteed.

Sleeping beauty

Well educated, intelligent and charming girl. A girl a large circle of friends in which there are young people. And one of them is Sleeping beauty even in love. For the third year...

What is her error: as expected Sleeping beauty, she sleeps waiting for the kiss. Just waiting for him to call or write. The first step these girls do not believe that a man has to do everything himself. Problem Sleeping beauties that they don't trust men, looking for any pitfalls and always harass men distrust. But tolerate this not everyone will.

How to fix: understand that it doesn't exist. A man needs to answer, not to be silent and wait, when he will know what to do. But the main problem is, why she's afraid of intimacy. The fear of abandonment pushes her to this strange behavior. Deep inside she thinks, "I'm gonna dump him before he does me."


A girl in the beginning of a relationship often jokes, sometimes teasing her man on different topics. And when she moved to his house, makes the first cuts with the saw. Then she begins to cause dissatisfaction with everything.

What is her mistake: she is afraid that others will notice its flaws. Berating all around in a row, she takes all the attention away from themselves. And always gets the closest, and even if a man is in love with her to distraction, she would still be his cut. Not to relax.

How to fix: try to make a list of the last 10 claims to her man. And then present them yourself because often our claims to others is what we dislike in ourselves. Do sports, learn languages, drop bad habits. Then time for the discontent will remain, and the desire too.

Bruce Lee

A strong woman who solve problems by myself and not asking anyone's help.

What is her mistake: Bruce Lee a girl was because for one reason or another refused to accept his own mother and, consequently, their own femininity. She used to act, and the partners choose weak men. And then she complains that she has to solve all problems independently.

How to fix: forget about total control and fear of the unknown. Of course, gradually. Begin to trust, delegate responsibilities, allow yourself not to know something and not be able to. The first step may be the most banal shopping — buy a instead of stocks of buckwheat, for example, lace underwear. Allow yourself to be a fragile woman.

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