Four candles

Four candles the Four candles burned slowly and Was so quiet that you could hear them talking.

The first said, "I am calm and, unfortunately, people are not able to save me. I think I have no choice but to go out!". And light this candle went out.

The second said, "I'm faith, and unfortunately, I don't need anyone. People don't want to hear anything about me, so it makes no sense to me to burn on." As she said this, there came a breeze and put out the candle.

Very sad, the third candle said: "I Love, and I have no more strength to burn on. People do not appreciate me and do not understand. They hate the people who love them most – their families." And this candle is extinguished.

Suddenly the room came a child and saw three of candles. Frightened, he shouted: "What are you doing! You must be burning - I'm afraid of the dark!" And he began to cry.

Excited light the fourth candle said: " do Not be afraid and do not cry! While I burn, you can always light the other candles! I Hope!"published



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