TWIKE 5 will be offered to the consumer in three different ways

Initially, the company presented to the public TWIKE 4. But then it was announced that this is only a concept on which the company fulfills the new technical solutions and design. The series will go the other RALPH, who will receive the designation 5.

Does the company really is intriguing for its innovations in particular, the electric vehicle will have a weight of 500 kg. For comparison, the company at its website shows the weight of the most popular in Europe and USA electric cars: BMW i3 weighs 1300 kg and the Tesla Model S is 2100 kg. but That elicits little surprise, given the size of the vehicle.

But from the steering wheel in the usual sense of the word TWIKE refused. It will replace the levers on each side of the driver. According to the company it is more comfortable, allows you to control the car confidently even over long distances and at high speeds.

TWIKE 5 will be offered to the consumer in three different ways, but actually to call the new electric vehicle vallecrosia in this case you can have a stretch — connected the pedals to the wheels is no more. They can not even rotate. The reality was such that they turned into a mobile exercise bike. Their function is to recharge the battery while driving. You pedal — electric vehicle is being charged. Twike is built into the system monitors the number of steps and heart rate, giving recommendations on the optimal rotation.

But back to the modifications of the new items — they differ in the capacity of the battery. The cheapest option is equipped with a battery of 10.5 kWh and you can go from 75 to 185 km, depending on road conditions and your efforts. Maximum speed is thus 120 km/h.
The second variant is equipped with a battery 21 kWh and can run 150-370 km, a top speed of 170 km/h.

And third, the most powerful version, with a battery of 31.5 kWh provides mileage from 225 to 550 km with a maximum speed of up to 190 km/h.

Currently, the company has announced the launch of a new TWIKE in serial production. The company promises to pay a percentage of the invested amount. Also offered the option of sharing: those who buy a TWIKE 3 now, the company promises the redemption of vallecrosia soon as will be released in a series of TWIKE 5. On the website you can see the transparent table of calculating the buyback price this model.

The electric car will be launched as soon as the amount of the funds collected will reach € 2 million, and the number of pre-orders TWIKE 5 will be 200 PCs.


Now the fate of novelties from TWIKE is entirely in the hands of aficionados and enthusiasts of the electric vehicle. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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