Electric-stool - the smallest vehicle

This vehicle, which is designed for one driver and passenger externally like an Ottoman on wheels.

Ecobоomer did the engineers from Hong Kong, the invention can resolve several issues. First, it is an electric vehicle that does not pollute the air, and secondly, it is quite mobile and allows the owner to easily move even on the busiest highways. Ecobоomer have just one wide wheel, so the driver needs all the time to maintain balance. A mini-cars by the principle of Segway in the upright position is in place, with a slight inclination forward begins to move, increasing the speed and leaning back will cause it to stagnate.

Ecobоomer has a lithium-ion battery that can charge fully in 4 hours. On a full charge you can travel up to 30 km, and the Maximum vehicle speed is 21 km/h. This gives the ability to manage Ecoboomer even children, according to the developers. Among other advantages — light weight (26 kg), and the ability to call it when needed using the remote control.

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