15 books to read before you see the movie

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Now often make films from books, and they are all very interesting, but to appreciate the story for the dignity, worth reading, a work which taken as a basis.

Especially for those who like to poravnati "which is better — the book or the movie?", The website has made a selection that will appeal to everyone.

Cornelia Funke


The father of 12-year-old Maggie has a wonderful talent: when he reads a book aloud, its characters come alive. But instead, someone from the audience gets into the story, as you know, the books are not only good characters...

The first part of the trilogy of the famous writer, which will appeal not only to children but also for adults.

Christopher Priest

The Prestige

This is the story of two magicians, whose feud does not stop for many years. Each is trying by all means to unravel the mystery of a competitor, without stopping before anything.

An intriguing book whose finale is impossible to predict.

Marc Levy
"Between heaven and earth"

Et Si C Etait Vrai

Once in the apartment of a young architect appears unfamiliar and beautiful girl, only she's not quite normal. The girl may suddenly appear to pass through walls and disappear out of the blue, one word — Ghost. And only the main character can help her, but he was powerless before death, if not love.

Jonathan SAFRAN Foer
"Full illumination"

Everything is Illuminated

"Full illumination" is a novel in which the illumination does not occur immediately. For some — never. Too easily pass by and not have to grope in the darkness of switches. The speech of the main character Alexander sounds at the beginning very strange: incorrectly built momentum, punctuation errors, etc. But the more immersed in the book, it becomes clearer why all this is done.

Barberie, Muriel
"The elegance of the hedgehog"

L elegance du herisson

Teenage girl, intelligent and educated beyond his years, an elderly janitor, studying philosophy, and wealthy Japanese who have settled in a luxurious Paris apartment... Opening this novel, the reader learns what ties these people and changing their lives after the heroes accidentally find each other.

Joe Hill


The anniversary of the death of his beloved, the main character of the Yoke Parrish grew horns, but that's not all they uncovered a diabolical attributes. Now he began to have telepathic abilities. All the people telling him the truth and reveal their shameful secrets. But can is to find the real killer of his girlfriend — because all are sure that he is at fault for her death.

John Irving
"The world through the eyes of GARP"

The World According to Garp

It is a modern Saga about a family whose members are trying, each in their own way and with varying degrees of success, to find harmony. The author of the novel precisely defined the attitude of the readers to the book: "It may sometimes cause a smile even on the gloomy type, but break a lot too gentle hearts." The novel was awarded the National book Foundation.

Bernhard Shlink
"The reader"

Der Vorleser

15-year-old schoolboy Michael and could not imagine what will turn his meeting with a 30-year-old tram conductor Hanna. Their affair was secret, and the guy was like this life after school, but one day Hannah just disappeared.

An amazing story of human fates and relationships.

Stig Larsson
"The girl with the dragon tattoo"

Man som hatar kvinnor

Journalist Mikael Blomkvist investigates the mysterious disappearance of a young female relative of an aging industrial magnate. As is the incident on the island with the murders of several women from different parts of Switzerland? And who tried to kill Michael when he got too close to a solution? To answer these questions will help extraordinary the girl-hacker Lisbet Salander.

A thrilling detective story, which was included in the list of the 10 favorite books by Stephen king.

Diana Setterfild
"The thirteenth tale"

The Thirteenth Tale

The main character Margaret is working in his father's rare book shop, and what was her surprise when the famous writer and the author of 56 novels offered to become her biographer. Vida winter was famous not only for its books, but the fact that not one journalist said not a word of truth. And that's before Margaret, trapped in a huge mansion, unfolding a mysterious story about twin sisters, which is somehow connected with the writer.

Marcus Zusak
"The book thief"

The Book Thief

In January of 1939 liesel Meminger and her younger brother were sent to foster parents in Munich. That's when death visits the boy and for the first time notices a girl. So liesel is on Himmelstrasse — Heaven street, where the name does not correspond to what is happening. A great book about love, friendship and about what you need to do what's in your heart.

Anna Gavalda
"Simply together"

Ensemble, C'est tout

Good novel about the lives of three different people: Camille, which went to, of Frank, who went head first into the work, and Filibera Marche de La Durbelliere — hereditary aristocrat, who is unworthy for yourself playing —card. Quite by accident, fate brings them together and settled in one apartment so that they can help each other to survive. An easy and romantic song is nice to experience after a hard day.

By Jodi Pikolt
"Angel sister"

My Sister's Keeper

In his 13 years, Anna has undergone many surgeries to help her sister with leukaemia. As parents said, the girl for this and born. But as was the fate of Anne, if she was not tied to his sister? To stop going to hospital and ending all operations, Anna decided on a step that is difficult would have given the rest... She is suing the parents. A touching book about not judging people until you know their story until the end.

Nicholas Sparks
"Dear John"

Dear John

The Charter to wait for a loved one, Savannah marries another man, and it's heartbreaking for John. But aren't these feelings die? Is it not possible to fix the mistakes of the past? After a few years, the main characters would meet again, and in their hearts will spread the fire. This book is not only about love, it is more about duty and honor, about choosing and life as it is.

Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

On the day of the 5-year anniversary of married life suddenly disappears, one of the heroes of the occasion. In the house there were signs of a struggle, blood, and a game called "treasure Hunt". All clues point to nick, the husband of the missing girl, and to prove his innocence, he must find the missing. That's only in the search process, nick has to open a couple and their dark secrets. An excellent book for those who love detective stories with an unexpected twist.

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