Talking about chronic headaches in a certain part of the head

According to the concepts of Ayurveda, described in the book of the famous doctor and philosopher haritha Johari, persistent pain in certain areas of the head, in pursuit of a man, may indicate problems in health completely different bodies.

While a headache in a certain part of my head says about specific violations in a particular organ.

The figure below shows plots of constant headaches, numbered in accordance with explanations below the figure.

Talking about a constant headache:

1. Stress and infection in the gums and teeth.

2. Pain in the eyeballs points to the increased acidity of the body.

3. Pain in the area of the eye socket occurs when the gastritis.

4. Inflammatory diseases of the stomach.

5. Pain in this area occurs when ulcers.

6. Disorders of the intestines.

7. Violation of the fallopian tubes.

8. Of kidney disease.

9. Diseases of the urinary tract.

10. Neuralgia.

11. The formation of cataracts.

12. Pain in the temporal region is in violation of the brain and spinal nerve.

Ayurveda emphasizes that this correspondence may make sense only under the condition of constant, repeating within a time of pain, but not a single ailment.published


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