Natalya spondylitis: Clinical death is not a black hole

Black tunnel at the end of which visible light, the feeling that you fly in this "tube", and awaiting something good and very important, so describe your vision during clinical death, many of those who survived.

What is happening at this time with a human brain? Is it true that the soul of the dying out of the body?

The famous neurophysiologist Natalya Bekhtereva studied the brains of more than half a century and watched dozens of returns from "there", working in intensive care.

To weigh the soul


— Natalya Petrovna, the place where the soul is in the brain, spinal cord, heart, stomach?

— It will all be guesswork, who would you have either way. You can say "whole body" or "outside the body, somewhere near". I think this substance does not need. If it is, then throughout the body. Something that permeates the whole body, which do not interfere with walls or doors or ceilings. Soul, for lack of better wording, called, for example, that if out of the body when the person dies.

— Mind and soul are synonyms?

— Not for me. About consciousness, there are many formulations, one of the other worse. Do this: "the Awareness of oneself in the surrounding world." When a person comes in a sense after fainting, the first thing he begins to realize — there is something other than himself. Although unconscious, the brain perceives information. Sometimes sick, waking up, talk about what could not see. And the soul... what the soul is, I don't know. Tell you like it is. Even tried to weigh the soul. Some very small grams are obtained. I don't really believe in it. When dying in the body of man is a thousand processes. Maybe it is just losing weight? To prove that it is the "soul flew away" impossible.

— You can precisely tell, where is our consciousness? In the brain?

— Consciousness — the phenomenon of the brain, although very dependent on the state of the body. You can deprive a person of consciousness, pinching him with two fingers on the neck artery to change the flow, but it is very dangerous. This is the result of, I would even say — life in the brain. It's more accurate. When you Wake up, at that moment come into consciousness. "Alive" from the entire body. Like are simultaneously switched on all the lights.


Sleep after death


— Minutes of clinical death occurs with the brain and consciousness? Can you describe the picture?

— I think the brain does not die when the vessels within six minutes of not receiving oxygen, and at the moment when he finally begins to flow. All products are very perfect metabolism "piled" on the brain and finish it. I some time worked in the intensive care unit of the Military medical Academy and watched it happening. The worst period is when doctors take a person out of critical condition and back to life.

Some cases of visions and "returns" after clinical death seem convincing to me. They are so beautiful! About the one I told the doctor, Andrey Gnezdilov — he then worked in a hospice. One day while he watched a patient who survived clinical death, and then, when he awoke, spoke a strange dream. This dream Gnezdilovo could be confirmed. Indeed, a woman described the situation occurred at a large distance from the operating room, and all the details matched.

But not always. When the first boom of studying the phenomenon of "life after death" at a meeting of the President of the Academy of medical Sciences Blokhin asked academician Arutyunov, who has twice experienced clinical death, what he still saw. Arutyunov said, "Only a black hole." What is it? He saw everything, but forgot? Or actually nothing? That is the phenomenon of the dying brain? It's only suitable for clinical death. As for organic are there really no return. Although some of the clergy, in particular Seraphim rose, there is evidence of such returns.

— If you are an atheist and believe in the existence of the soul, so I do not feel fear of death...

— It is said that the fear of death is many times worse than her. Jack London has a story about a man who wanted to steal the dog's harness. Dog bitten him. The man bled out and died. And before that, said: "People have lied death." Terrible is not death, but dying.

Singer Sergey Zakharov told that at the time of their clinical death, saw and heard everything that was going on around him, as if from the outside: the actions and negotiations of the resuscitation team brought the defibrillator and even the batteries from the TV remote control is in the dust behind the cupboard, which he lost yesterday. Then Zakharov no longer afraid to die.

— It's hard to tell what he experienced. Maybe this is also the result of a dying brain. Why do we sometimes see the surroundings as if from the outside? It is possible that in extreme moments in the brain that are involved not only conventional vision mechanisms, but also mechanisms of holographic nature.

For example, in childbirth: according to our research, a few percent of the mothers too, sometimes state, as if the "soul" comes out. Give birth women feel outside of my body watching what was happening. And at this time do not feel pain. I don't know what it is — a brief clinical death or a phenomenon associated with the brain. More like the latter. published


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