Arnold Smeyanovich: Atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis, glaucoma is the payback for long life

Arnold F. Smeyanovich now 50 years performing surgery on the brain and spinal cord. His name is inscribed in the history of home neurosurgery. Arnold F. was and is positions, titles, students, patients, who have managed to extend the life... But the most important — light head and gold arms.

To exclude the aneurysm

Actor Andrey Mironov died from severe bleeding caused by a rupture of the aneurysm. The aneurysm is, roughly speaking, a SAC, the bladder is formed in the vessel of the brain. The reason for this expansion vessel — pathology of its walls. When the physical and moral stress, in the presence of atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension - blood pressure rises. And once this weak point the vessel is broken and blood poured out. The damaged part of the brain dies. In the case of severe hemorrhage killed the man himself.

In recent times often come across patients with one aneurysm. Usually several of them. To neutralize the aneurysm and thereby prevent the catastrophe is only one way — to set the device to "turn off" the vessel from blood circulation. But how to get to the vessel, which is located in the brain? There are only two ways. You can cut your head open and perform open manipulation. And you can spend endovascular intervention is to install a special device through a catheter that is fed through the femoral artery to the aneurysm.

Aneurysm feel impossible. It so happens that in the process of growth of the aneurysm affects the nerve, the effect on the surrounding tissue like a tumor, causing complications... have You seen me came out patient? She has closed eyes. Eyelid ceased to rise. Did a CT scan discovered an aneurysm and now the time she was operated on... Sometimes the aneurysm declares itself the disaster about which we spoke above, — she is broken. How to prevent it? While it is impossible. A CT scan not performed "just in case". It is an expensive type of research and not so widely available.

About stroke and herniated disc

Atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis, glaucoma is payback for a long life... We get older, aging of our vessels and tissue. Raising blood pressure definitely becomes a factor in the risk of myocardial infarction or stroke. If high blood pressure is not treated, vascular catastrophe is inevitable. Just some time, the vessels can still survive, but not indefinitely.

What is a stroke? The brain like any other organ requires a steady supply of blood enriched with oxygen. When a rupture or blockage of blood vessels that deliver the blood (in this case to the brain), a stroke, causing part of his cells die. If rupture of a vessel blood flows into the brain, and it is hemorrhagic stroke. When blockage of the vessel atherosclerotic plaque or clot which formed as a result of certain diseases, is still an ischemic stroke. Lack of oxygen in a sealed area, again, leads to the death of the cells. During the angiographic study, you can see exactly where the blocked vessel, to enter it with the help of a catheter and a stent to restore blood flow free...

The spinal cord provides communication of the brain with all organs and systems. The most common pathology of spinal cord tumors and intervertebral hernia. The latter are congenital, but most often, they are also associated with the maturation of the body and wear and tear, degeneration of cartilage tissues. A hernia is a prolapse. In this case we are talking about the loss of the cartilage disk that acts as a shock absorber between the vertebrae. A roll in one direction or another can pinch the nerve. Hence the pain felt by the patient. And pain that radiates to the leg, is a characteristic symptom of the disease. "Take the place" of the intervertebral disc. However, in some cases, the patient feels no pain. The presence of pain syndrome, the indication for surgical intervention. The operation is less traumatic, is performed through a small incision. After removal of the herniation pressure on the nerve ends, the pain recedes. The person with this disease should continue to avoid lifting any weights, sudden movements.

Such disorders, like arteriovenous malformation, also involved neurosurgeons, and spinal cord injuries, mostly trauma...

If at the time of the death of brain cells we can talk about some compensation, since the surrounding tissue is able to take on lost functions, the spinal cord is nothing like impossible. Severing the spinal cord during trauma means that everything below the section break, will not function. The spinal cord is not fused...

Never been particularly fond of sports. Nothing doing — so, from time to time. A bit of exercise... Just a little... Without fanaticism. Pour cold water up to another grown man — that's not helpful. I had one friend of all ice water poured. Once bleed and a heart attack... No need to provoke too strong pressure surges. It is necessary to live slowly, to do something nice ...

Of course, I can't imagine the time when you have to leave work... What to do at home?

I have been in many European clinics. Once there was a slight feeling of envy for their equipment, tools... And now no envy. I knew that gradually the time will come and we will also have the proper equipment, it is Possible here to live a normal life and work. After two weeks of stay abroad, I always felt that I want to go home. So I never wanted to leave ... posted


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