The degree of greatness of a person is determined by the degree of ability to focus on large goals, which will survive its Creator, and his great-grandchildren.

Petty man thinks only about what will help to survive only to himself. And therefore he loses.

Will play woman looking man for marriage, he leaves her.

Will play the man, eager for wealth, his business burned.

©Louise Bourgeois


To lose a child, hungry for entertainment — they will poison its existence.

Will lose the people who consider themselves better neighbor — the economy will collapse because in this country nobody wants to invest money.

Giving is winning — it will rush the other and will give pleasure all that he received from the giver, and even more is obtained.

©Louise Bourgeois

Do this trick during the week and you will see what happens!

Without a pair – so "lonely" and 9 kinds of lies that convinced you to believe


It's human nature. It was intended to become a Creator only when he gets in the way of giving, which is by the Creator, then his greatness to him and is attracted.

Otherwise luck does not come.published


©Mark Ifraimov




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