Not besite the Universe!

So I sometimes think that there, in the sky, gathered young creative team. They have such a job. Creative. To help people realize dreams.

Monday at 9:00 they have a planning meeting and discussion of current dreams. Head of the Department read out the new arrivals of the desires from the planet Earth, all the rest copy it in their notebooks. Peter dreams of becoming a writer. Nick cook. Natasha is a photographer. Well, for example.

Then the chief says enthusiastically: "all right, guys, work! We are a great team! We are professionals!"


And away we go. They come up with some incredible scenarios and plots. Accurate timing and place to push the man with random people and events. Make a plan and schedule. Coordinate with related groups to the dream Petit does not negatively impact on the realization of the dream If. Doing a tremendous job. Do not sleep at night and not see the kids and the cat. I dream that after this project I will definitely ask my boss a vacation.

And now the project is signed. All instances gave the go-ahead.

There comes a day. He circled on the calendar by a red circle. All agreed with the astrological Department. Gemini in Aries, all as expected.

The man leaves the house. Realizes that I forgot the keys. While I was looking for my keys, missed the bus. And at work the boss is a beast and urgent project. The man calls a cab, understands that today will be left without a lunch because a taxi will take all the money. With broken spirits plops down in the car. The taxi driver decides to defuse the situation and makes the radio louder. Plays Leps "The best day". A person asks to swap. On another radio announcement. This Studio at such and such address announces a new set at art school. Phone repeat two times. And the cabbie says, "in the artists name. I have a niece, too, draws well. She's 5 now, and all say that the great talent".

And the man answered him sadly: "as a child I was a good painter".


And the radio ad repeated again.

There, in the sky, everyone looks at it with crossed fingers. No one is breathing. Not moving. In the toilet no one goes. A fly frozen in flight.

Man rewrites the telephone number in my notebook.

The whole creative team exhaled. Open the champagne. All applaud and laugh. Someone picked up another whirl in the dance. Someone called to celebrate a colleague on a date.

And the man came home. Told wife. And she says to him: "What are you doing? What is this foolishness?"

And this: "Really, that's what I think! The stupidity of some. Do not draw already since childhood. Yeah, thought about it recently. Wanted brush to buy. But somehow all the extra money was not. How can I go there? Laughed at..."

And there, in the sky, all together: "but what is that?! How so?"

Someone theatrical tosses the paper from the table with the words: "I can't go to work!" Date. The chief calls the chief of Department of execution of dreams with a demand report. Who is to blame? What is a joint? Debriefing. Deprivation of premiums. No holiday. At home bored kids and a cat.

In General, let's not piss off the Universe. The guys there really try. No vacation work.

Let's not.published


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Whatever happens in your life, stop...




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