Let's not enrage the Universe

So I sometimes think that there, in the sky, going to a young creative team. The work they have such. Creative. Helping people to embody dreams.

On Monday, at 9:00 they planning session and discussion of current dreams. Head of the new arrivals desires read from the planet Earth, everyone else rewrite them in their diaries. Peter dreams of becoming a writer. Kohl's - chef. Natasha - photographer. Well, for example.

Then the chief of the so enthusiastically says, "Well, all the guys are working! We are a great team! We are professionals! »

And away we go. They come up with some incredible scenarios and stories. Just count the time and place to push a person with random people and events. Make up a plan and timetable. I agree with related groups to the dream Petit did not negatively impact on the dream Koli. Does a great job. Do not sleep at night, do not see the children and cat. Dreamed that after this project, be sure to ask for the chief holidays.

And now the project is signed. All court gave the green light.

The day of X. He circled on the calendar with a red circle. All agreed with the astrological department. Gemini in Aries, all as expected.

A man leaves the house. He understands that he forgot the keys. While running for the keys, I missed the bus. And at the head of a beast and urgent project. The man calls a taxi, understands that today left without dinner because the taxi will leave all the money. With the spoiled mood flops in the car. The driver decides to defuse the situation and make the radio louder. Playing Leps: "The best day." The man asked to switch. At another station - the announcement. Such a studio at such address to announce a new set of art school. Telephone repeated twice. And the taxi driver said, "Oh, in the artists name. I have a niece, too, draws well. She is 5 years old now, and everyone says that great talent ».

And the man answered him sadly: "I am also good at drawing as a child».

A radio advertisement repeated again.

There, in the sky, everyone is looking at it with his fingers crossed. No breathing. Do not move. The toilet no one goes. Fly froze in flight.

Man rewrites the telephone number in your notebook.

The entire creative team breathed. Open the champagne. All applaud and laugh. Someone has picked up another whirl in the dance. Someone called to celebrate a colleague on a date.

A man came home. He told his wife. And she said to him: "What is it you thought up? What nonsense? »

And a person like this: "Indeed, that's what I thought up myself! Stupidity any. I do not draw something from childhood. Well, I recalled this recently. He even wanted to buy a brush. But somehow all the extra money was not. How do I go there? Laughed at the ... »

And there, in the sky, all in unison: "Yes that is something ?! How so ?! »

Someone theatrically throws the paper on the table, saying: "I can not work anymore !!!" Rendezvous canceled. Chef is a dream come true chief of the report with the requirement. Who is guilty? What school? Debriefing. Deprivation of premiums. No vacation. Houses bored kids and a cat.

In general, let's not piss off the universe. The boys really try. Without a working vacation.

Let's not.

Author: Olga Demidyuk
Photos in the preview: Jonanna Perdu

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