Luxury residential complex with the function of the power plant will be built on the Caribbean

In 2020 in the Dominican Republic plan to build a futuristic apartment complex EXOSPHERE that will independently provide themselves with electricity. The building, designed by Bureau Richard's Architecture + Design (RA+D), can obtain energy from the sun, wind and geothermal installations.

The main part of the energy EXOSPHERE will get from the wind. A complex of two towers equipped with four wind turbines. Architects from RA+D plan to place the turbine so that the wind speed had on them evenly. The building also uses solar energy — it is glazed facades of the buildings will be covered with solar panels. The roof used to ensure energy efficiency. It will be located termobahia system on solar energy and a geothermal heating and cooling.

RA+D plan to introduce eco-friendly systems not only outside but also inside. The building will feature energy-efficient led lighting and appliances, and carpeted floors, painted eco-friendly paint on the basis of corn and soybeans. The tower will be able to collect and clean rainwater and wastewater, and smart system of water consumption will allow to save resources.

EXOSPHERE independently provide themselves with electricity. The excess electricity will flow into the grid for further use. Inside the building will house apartments, offices, shops, hotel and SPA. The construction will be completed in 2020.

Futuristic residential complexes are being built around the world. At the beginning of 2017 at the West of Manhattan, will open a new residential complex, designed by architect Zaha Hadid. The building will be equipped with air filtration system and energy efficient equipment, and in the lower tier equip the robotic garage.

Germany is also preparing the construction of the new residential complex made according to the principles of passive housing. The village of Heidelberg independently provide itself with energy — a significant portion will come from solar installations. Even the paint used in the construction of a residential complex of 162 apartments, will enhance energy efficiency.

Residential complex with zero energy consumption is gradually becoming a reality. In July in Los Angeles saseler first apartment building Hanover Olympic, which itself generates a sufficient amount of energy for those living there. On the roof of the building has 215 solar panels. Thanks to them, the residents save on electricity up to $100 monthly. published




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