15 habits that harm your appearance

From genetics depends heavily on how we look in a particular age. But this is not the only factor — we can have a significant impact on the aging process.

The website has collected seemingly innocuous habits that are stealing your youth.

1. Your favorite hairstyle is ponytail

Tight tightening the hair at the roots can lead to bald patches and alopecia in the future. To preserve your hair, replace the tails on a variety of bundles.

2. You drink a lot of milk

Of course, it is not necessary to completely abandon milk. However, knowing about the unpleasant consequences of the misuse of this product still need. In the composition of milk contains androgens, which provoke more active sebaceous glands. The result produces more sebum that clogs the pores and gives the skin a tired and greasy.

3. You apply sunscreen year-round at the

Many women have become accustomed to apply sunscreen year-round, but forget about hands. While the hands are most susceptible to aging processes and loss of fat, making veins more visible, and UV rays "decorate" their age spots and wrinkles. Don't forget to use sunscreen to the hands, especially if you are driving. And in the summer do not forget to apply the cream on the neck and chest area.

4. You love to sit in the posture "foot to foot"

Ugly mesh of varicose veins on the legs is a direct consequence of pinched blood vessels and circulatory disorders. By the way, posture "foot to foot" is fraught with stagnation of blood in the pelvic area, which is especially harmful to women (and very harmful for pregnant women). To control yourself will not be easy, but you can buy comfortable, suitable for you computer chair and start the habit at every opportunity to raise his legs higher up on the stand, the arm of the sofa, etc.

5. Comb wet hair

Hair after such procedures mercilessly whipped. This is a common mistake in hair care. Once again not to injure your hair, first thoroughly Pat dry with a towel (do not RUB), then take a short walk with a Hairdryer before you take the comb and start laying.

6. Pluck eyebrows before make-up

If you have decided to correct the shape of the eyebrows with tweezers, then do it in the evening after cleansing. This way you will reduce the risk of penetration of bacteria, and around your eyebrows will not be irritation, which then have to mask the concealer.

7. All your styling tools set at the high temperature

When the hair is exposed to high temperatures (whether it be the Hairdryer, tongs or straighteners), you create tiny bubbles inside the hair shaft. These puzyrky make hair dry and brittle. To avoid this, hold the dryer at a distance of 15 cm from the hair, be sure to use a heat protection and set the temperature on medium mode.

8. You love rubbing your eyes

Because of this bad habit affected your eyelashes, they become brittle and fall out, also you put injury the skin under the eyes, she blushes and you look very tired. Replace the friction eye on the method of "20-20-20": a look into the distance for 20 seconds every twenty minutes.

9. You remember wrongs

A study published in the journal Behavioral Medicine in 2005, showed that there is a connection between forgiveness and physical health. And if you can't forget old grievances, they can give you a few extra years. The fact that the offense accumulates in your body and stress hormone (cortisol). It promotes weight gain, increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which increases the risk of developing diabetes.

10. The habit to touch the face

You will not notice how the back of the cheek, scratching the nose, rubbing your chin. The damage from this is twofold: a constant stretching of the skin is fraught with premature wrinkles, and if you do it with dirty hands, the long and infection and covered with pimples. To get rid of this habit is possible as in the case of facial expressions — hard self-control.

11. Often powder my face

The worst thing you can do with your skin, is to powder it several times a day for the occurrence of oily sheen. And it's not how this layer of powder then it looks, and the fact that the pores are severely clogged. How can that be? Always first primakovite face matting with a cloth, and if you then also will need to powder — then use it.

12. In your bag there are things for all occasions

If your bag all the Essentials including an umbrella, a first aid kit, spare pair of shoes and a thick book, most likely your posture will suffer. So don't forget to pass the bag from hand to hand or outweigh it from one shoulder to the other.

13. I do not regret nourishing cream for your face

Even the best cream can hurt if used too heavily. Do not apply a thick layer of cream — this film under the skin does not breathe, and hence probably the appearance of edema, bruising under the eyes and unhealthy complexion. Excess cream must remove the cloth.

14. Abuse run

According to doctors, fanatical attitude to this type of physical activity can only accelerate the onset of aging. If we are talking about a light morning jog, but good, no harm to your skin will not.

15. You adore freshly squeezed juices

Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. But juices contain high level of fructose sugar molecules travel through the blood to all the cells in your body binds with the fats and proteins. When the sugar binds to collagen (which gives skin its elasticity), the process of glycation which leads to wrinkles. Love the fresh juices from cabbage! Green vegetables have the highest amounts of antioxidants and zinc, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

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