Holy and pure on this earth do not go...

I had one friend who waited for retirement, to begin to live.

She wanted to settle in the country, have chickens and live old age in the garden, in the garden, pampering yourself with a bath, fresh vegetables fruits and clean air.

All she did in my life gradually led her to this dream. We met when she was thirty-seven, and to me she seemed like a very Mature woman. I watched as she creates wealth: otsasyvaet a car from a former spouse, allegedly in the interest of his son, but really to ride the same country; methodically and systematically survives from the country brother to the parent of the inheritance was a one owner; work on the hated work with the only was to escape and something useful to do in a country economy.


Over time, I began to think that married for the third time she went out with the sole purpose to was a hardworking man in the house. Garage to put in bath to build a greenhouse to build, wiring to fix, water to spend – so a man was with his hands. A caress, a feeding, somewhere comfort she tied as thought the man to himself firmly. It seemed to her that she holds all the strings controls my life.

Devaluing the past, expressing everything she thought about each of them, she lost almost all her friends. Showing ingratitude and striking out shared light moments, it has lost all relatives. Her colleagues disliked due to too materialistic approach to the business relationship.

But, in spite of everything, it was led by the idea – she saw herself the mistress of the manor. Painted a long life in retirement, where will finally be able to truly live. All the years before that was just preparation for the happy period, which she had created.And then she died. In fifty-four years. From a brain tumor. The irony – the year she did not live to retirement.

One of the cousins of those that know and feel more than is understood by most, asked her to think about everything that you've done in your life, to rethink, to admit mistakes and, perhaps, to apologize to the people to repent, to correct what can be corrected. She believed that the way to stop the disease. The brain is, above all, thoughts. Consciousness can change the situation and even to be healed, you just have to find the point where the failure began.

Didn't want... didn't hear... Went in not recognizing...

The husband found another woman and left my friend without waiting for the end, and then drove her children settled in the same country.

What I said?

I don't know... Sometimes very acutely feel this moment “here and now”. Know that tomorrow may not come. Reflective about causality with regards to relationships with other people. Painful mistakes. Sorry about the inaccuracy and naberejnoi in relation to other people. I scold myself if I caused pain, even being confident in my opinion.

I do not think it is of poor quality. Live person – not God. And scary, when he imagines himself to be.

And professionals working with the souls, mistaken. What we say about others?

All we can do is to recognize that we live and imperfect. All. Without exception. All wrong. Holy and pure on this earth do not go.

Each of us leaves behind a graveyard of broken hearts. I wish mine was smaller. And I'm bitterly worried if increase it. Until the moment when everything stops, I'd like to have time to understand and repent.published

Author: Lilia Ahremchik


Source: pticavpolete.com/svjatye-i-neporochnye-po-etoj-zemle-ne-hodjat.html


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