Life consists of small things

Life consists of small things that fill her with such beauty and tenderness that take your breath away. One who has grown, but not forgotten how to wonder, that is, those girls and boys that still hang on the Christmas tree and tangerines as a desire to make happiness, not "porsh", it is close and clear. Because it works. And yet – always gives hope.

If one day to stop and allow yourself to go with the crazy carousel Lunapark adult, surprised, realizing how much wonderful is in the here and now. The moment that does not require anything from you except the desire to be in it.

For example, in the morning when you Wake up before the alarm clock, the snow, and the room smells of peppermint with gingerbread. The corners bottled silence, and another few hours to get out of the heated bed in time to watch the dream in which you seven, and you're happy.

And the Breakfast fry to a light crunch bread, brew strong coffee and finally open that jar of raspberry jam, which was so long passed mother. To get it off the shelf favorite book and start reading at random from a random page. And suddenly realize that everything – good and right. And you proved a long time ago everything I wanted. Especially those who have not believed. And which, may be, and not like it, but I had to. Now you can finally relax and let go. Myself, a past time, this is an unexpected state of complete inner peace. When all of a sudden gets so warm, confident and calm, as if someone hugged.

I don't know the best way to return home than to go. Appreciate every moment and see it or a lesson, or gift, or an invitation to adventure. To wear your feet to the traces of the people that inspire, and all to realize that happiness begins in the mind: when you stop judging, condemning, whining, nervous. When no longer afraid to love, to be vulnerable, to live from one continuous spring in the heart. Well, because how else do you feel that you're alive, you're not dead in any regular Tuesday meetings, complex negotiations and that long-delayed visit to the dentist?

As a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and the journey home is born under the feet of the one who tired to wander. Who one day just stopped being enough fresh food in packaging plastic and foam, constantly changing badges “Hello, my name is...” and exchange business cards where I would like to crunch hug or even loudly and joyfully to curse. In the end, decent, and polite request-interest "and please tell us whom you work" will always lose to short, but such a simple and important question "how are you?".

The latter, by the way, it makes sense to ask yourself. And not in order to piece together the reality after another hangover, which began as a flirtation, or, for example, tick – but because it is a very valid question, the answer to which many frightening and frustrating. For business calls, planes, girls. All superficial relationships, deeper wrinkles, a Golden Visa in purse, on her head was graying hair.

So many of those who should be respected, so few – who have something to love. And for someone to go and whom to miss, and for whom to make decisions...

So I want to say: Hey, the crazy carny, come on, come on. I have better things to do with this senseless whirling a horse: to take mom persimmon, to learn how to bake ginger biscuits, to throw away from home all that it is cluttering up, to buy a dress. To review all of the Christmas Comedy, and then, fascinated, and own Outlook on life.

And to promise to myself: whatever happens – don't give up, not to discard what has been done, to spare. Neither himself nor time nor effort. Because everything is experience. Everyone at some point will be important. All – useful.

No matter what journey home often has to go with empty pockets – perhaps this is why to go down this road it turns out with such a light heart. published


Author: Olga Primachenko


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