Solar and wind energy will save in the flooded mines

A group of engineers saw in abandoned mines storage method clean electricity — set in the flooded mines of the hundreds of turbines to generate electricity using pumped groundwater.

The authors of the project see it as a solution for manufacturers of solar or wind energy, which need to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity even in cloudy or windless days.

The plan of the engineers is simple: about half of the water pumped from the mines when using the energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines, the water enters the top face, and then descends, it drives the turbine and produces electricity. Technically, sedimentary, water is a supply of energy that is used when necessary.

"Today everyone understands that the most important part of our energy infrastructure is the storage, says Jim Besha, Albany Engineering Corp head. — We can assume that it is a Bank. If someone has a surplus of solar energy, they can pay and leave it for storage." The first such project in the mining town of Manville (USA, new York) is yet to receive the approval of the Federal authorities, and the construction of the mine storage energy will take up to three years.

The construction of the power plant will breathe new life into Mainville, where iron was mined during the War of independence, will double the tax base, will create hundreds of temporary and dozens of permanent jobs. "This is a unique opportunity for a community that never fully recovered after the closure of the mines," says Tom Scozzafava, a member of the town Board of the nearby town of Moriah.

In Germany, installs a hybrid wind-turbine, which combine the advantages of two types of renewable energy. In the calm of a turbine will produce energy from the water that descends from the tanks down and then again when the wind, water will be pumped back into the tanks. published




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