Solar energy is the cheapest way of generating electricity

Solar energy is the cheapest way to produce electricity – so I guess leading analysts news Agency Bloomberg.

Data published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has shown that the cost of electricity produced by the SPP in 58 developing countries – including China, India and Brazil – has decreased by about 30% from the level of 2010 year and today is even a bit cheaper than the energy of the wind turbines.

In August, the auction of electricity supply in Chile, "solar" electricity at its lowest price of $ 29,10 for a 1 MW it was extremely cheap rate, which at that time amounted to half the price of competitors offering energy coal-fired power plants.

"Renewable energy is firmly entering a new era, undercutting the prices of fossil fuels, — said the Chairman of BNEF Mile Librach (Michael Liebreich. — In the near future it will overtake other technologies without any subsidies".

Renewable cost is cheaper in developing countries who are looking for new opportunities to add capacity in their national networks. However, in developed countries, where new renewables have to compete with existing power plants on hydrocarbon fuels, the cost of "clean" electricity may be higher.

The sharp drop in prices was partly caused by the scale of construction of new SES in China, which significantly added to the global capacity. In addition, the Chinese government also provides financial assistance and other countries in the construction of solar power plants.

The BNEF study, called "Climatemap" (Climatescope) showed that India, China, Brazil, Uruguay and South Africa are rapidly developing their markets, in order first to attract big investors in green energy projects.

Solar energy has proven to be an indispensable technology for remote Islands, such as Tau (American Samoa), located in the southern Pacific ocean. Previously, he was completely dependent on the supply of diesel fuel. However, now that Tesla and SolarCity built the SES, the island became completely non-volatile. published




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