When I'm tired to wait... or 5 ways to stop living a civil marriage

You've been together for a long time, everything is fine, you live together, but there is one big "but". These relations do not come to the logical end – marriage. How is one supposed to do in such a situation a woman?

There are 5 operating ways that can help you deal with this problem.

1. Make the final choice


Psychologists call civil marriage "nezavisnost". What does it mean? One or both partners has not yet fully decided that I want to connect my life with this person. Perhaps they think that it is possible to look for more, or is it just a fear of serious commitment. A formal marriage is still a promise and a responsibility. For starters, ask yourself: "is This really the man I want to be for the rest of his days in sorrow and in joy?" If the answer is positive, go for it!


2. Be prepared for a possible final

No matter how it was painful and unpleasant, there is always a chance that the relationship will end. If you understand what you want from this relationship different things, it's time to leave. So be ready for it. Not only morally, but also in all other aspects. For example, if you are financially dependent on men with whom you live, find a source of income.


3. Let go of obsession about the wedding

Stop talking about it and even to think. Do not associate the concept of "happiness" and "marriage" as if one without the other is impossible. Free people are not always miserable. So learn to appreciate your freedom, revel in it while you can. Men feel it is thin. The more you "push" on it with the wedding, the more it will delay the proposal. But as soon as he sees that you feel free and happy, he was scared that one day you just "flit away". So, he will make sure that you were there for him always.

4. Take a little trip one

That's it entirely alone. Without friends, without relatives, without his beloved. This is a very effective move. First, your man will remember what it is like when you are not near. Let him have time to miss me and realize how much you mean to him. Secondly, it will help you to look differently at many things. The whole world is open for you – take it! You can have a little flirt with strangers in cafes. This will make you feel welcome. You will return home filled with feminine energy, confidence and harmony. And your lover never want to let you go alone.


5. Live separately

Civil marriage gives men the opportunity to take on less commitments, enjoying all the privileges. Why make the offer if he gets all the benefits? Therefore, the last measure should be a conversation. Talk openly and tell me what you need a little to live separately. May he finally realize how much better you are doing every day. Yes, for you it will also be a difficult step. But it is necessary.

It is possible that in the end, he did not try to get back into her life. But then the question arises: why do people who absolutely do not value you and your presence? But this is the worst scenario.

Rather, he will understand that he does not want one more minute to spend without you, and you will hear finally the cherished words: "marry me!". Well it was working, become indispensable to him and often speak of love.published


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