A new word in the puzzles: it's a tricky one about tanks and pipes

I'm sure many at school loved puzzles about the pools and pipes. Still, after their decisions had to strain not only your mind but also parents and even grandparents! The website found the reader quite a difficult puzzle, for which you will need the knowledge from the school course of physics and mathematics.

Look closely at the picture and answer the three questions:

1. Some of the first tanks will be filled to the brim?
2. Which of the tanks will be filled first half?
3. Which of the tanks will be filled last?


1. Up to the top of the first filled the tanks 3 and 4

2. The first half is filled 3 pot

3. Since all the tanks are open on top, filled will last 3 or 4 tanks. The water in them begins to flow, so 1 and 2 tanks are never filled to the brim!

via ofigenno.com/kakoy-bak-napolnitsya-pervym


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