Underground trash cans (16 photos)

Life does not stand still, always something to development and improvements.
People began to fly in space, phones can replace large computers, the rover photographs himself on Mars, that's just a waste can not solve the problem.
Remember, what you are bins around the house, and what is heard stink.
Maybe in the capital a little better situation, well in regions not exactly fantastic.
Let's look at the underground waste repository, which is used abroad.
We have much to learn.

01. Garbage bins in my favorite Omsk look like. I think this picture is one of you will not be surprised. Everyone is used to the fact that every house has a disgusting place exudes stench throughout the area.

02. What to do? All garbage cans must be removed under the ground. No disgusting dirty containers should not be! There are several types of underground waste collection systems. This is the simplest. Conventional tanks in the lift is lowered down, and the top is only musoropriemnik by type of conventional garbage.

When the car arrives, the containers are lifted and emptied. It looks like this:

03. Above all clean and tidy.

04. Nothing smells, nothing flows on roads and does not rot in the sun.


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