The most creative and convenient trash containers

German designer Cordula Kehrer (Cоrdula Ceeg) produces an unusual waste containers are handmade on the basis of the debris containers. The idea to combine plastic and flowering natural ingredients belongs to a group of artisans Ilse Walter (Walther Ilse), Anya von Kempen (Anja van Cemrep), Carolyn Ebert (Cаrolin Еbert), Lori Wilde (Lоre Wild), Monica, RiskNet (Mopco Frischknecht) and Claudia Regier (Clаudia Riеger).
Panеl Bin is an unusual garbage tank, which solves the eternal problem of lack of space. The developers of adjustable container – a team of Chinese designers under the guidance of Professor Yin Pantie (Ying Fаngtian).

Dumpster Tеtra Cancer from Lebedev aims to teach children to cleanliness and order. The usual cylindrical form transformed into the shape of a cartoon monster. Having "lunch" Tetra Pak reacts quite vividly – lights flash, "stomach" growls loudly.

Trash cans Rеsiduario para Evеntos Trash Can is a wonderful solution for those who care about the environment. Containers are easy to assemble and disassemble, and each hole was signed – for which type of waste it is intended.

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