Family happiness begins after age 40! The psychology of a happy relationship.

Women after 40 often think that personal life can put a cross. They are totally dipped in domestic problems, shift focus to children and grandchildren. It takes some time, and women no longer even dream of in their lives a worthy man...

No need to be so categorical, because there are many cases code women after 40 successfully staged his personal life, and age they do not became a hindrance. Today the editors of "Site" will share practical tips that will help single women to find their soul mate.

How to arrange personal life
  1. It is not necessary to wait for the Prince on a white horse
    Pay attention to the men of his circle, perhaps some of them already have a worthy contender for your hand and heart. This can be a colleague, classmate or acquaintance that has suddenly appeared in your life after many years.

  2. Be sure to show the man that you respect him
    The family anciently held in one master of wisdom — the wife must respect her husband. Find in him the traits or qualities that are worth mentioning with praise or a kind word. Remember, almost any male can be a hero. Every day do not miss a chance to mention his positive side.

  3. Don't lock yourself at home in depression
    Retreating from society is not a good idea. If your personal life has come between, it would be better to visit various places, where contact with new people is inevitable: the cafeteria, motels, resorts and recreation. It should be possible to expand your social circle.

  4. Watch your appearance
    As said Coco Chanel: "Your face in twenty years given to you by nature. What will it be in fifty, depends on you." Do not chase imposed by someone's standards of beauty, it is enough to skillfully emphasize your strengths: how to apply makeup, choose the right clothes, and most importantly — mood. Don't go out with the conviction that all men are not worthy of your attention, be gentle and smile often: a good man, like a magnet, will attract to you.

  5. Learn the passions of men
    Men of Mature age are extremely interested in the company are not only beautiful, but also smart women. If your date will understand that you are well versed in his Hobbies, it will help you to gain respect in his eyes.

  6. Read more and stay up to date with the latest news
    Do not limit yourself to only household chores. Routine kills the romance! Daily try to discuss with a loved one with interesting events and news.

  7. Be ready to depart on the second plan
    Due to the long loneliness, many women of Mature age are accustomed to assume the whole burden of household chores. When a worthy man comes into their life, it remains nothing how to stand on the sidelines and do nothing. Let your man feel like you need it... Even if you're unable to open a tin, ask for his help, let him know that you will cope. Don't be afraid to give the palm to the man, allow yourself to be weak, scattered and a little helpless.

These tips are relevant not only for the fair sex, in search a decent life partner. Women who want to improve relations in the family, can safely take our advice.

Wish you good love and understanding, don't forget to share a useful article with friends!

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