Lung 7 British films that will make the winter nights warmer

What could be better than family movie frosty winter evening?! Especially if a good British film, warming the soul and causes an involuntary smile.

So this winter, your evening was exceptionally warm, share a portion of 7 excellent chinoiserie. Pleasant viewing!


The big friendly giant (The BFG)

Graduation year: 2016

One young pupil of the boarding school Sophie is a prisoner of a huge giant, who carries the baby in an amazing country. Soon the girl learns that a distant world of cruel giants was a place the good giant. Together with a new friend heroine experiences many adventures, not just Dodge voracious monsters, will visit the country of dreams and will leave for a visit to the English Queen to give her magic bul-casinom and ask for help. If you are in spirit tales like "Jack and the Beanstalk", this film will leave a very good impression after viewing.


Driving lessons (Learning to Drive)

Release year: 2014

Complete dependence on ex-husband after the divorce makes the life of a literary critic Wendy in hell. To be able to start life with a clean slate, a woman will have to overcome many obstacles. One of them is driving skill, which will help the heroine to Indian It. The instructor will be Wendy a real boon, because he himself had recently experienced the pain of parting and knows how to keep a charming student. The film is very lightweight and great for family viewing.


The Christmas miracle of Jonathan Toomey (The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey)

Year of release: 2007

You believe in a fairy tale, kindness and friendship? If not, you probably turn the amazing and heartwarming story "the Christmas miracle of Jonathan Toomey". However, the rest of this work is to add to your collection of family films with a warm story. In the center of the picture a lonely boy and a closed male adult — wood Carver, which gives life a great chance to find the strength for further development and not to drown in the pain of loss. Great movie, though not the most fun!


Easy virtue (Easy Virtue)

Release year: 2008

How could a fun and sexy Larita to think of it, what difficulties she would have to face upon arrival at the home of her new husband. A hefty spoonful of tar in a sweet relationship with the handsome Englishman John Whitaker for spoiled American women will become a mother-in-law, ready to start a bloody battle for the happiness of his son. Girl even in a nightmare could not imagine what she will have to go for the happiness with your loved ones.


The Best Christmas! (Nativity!)

Release year: 2009

Beloved Watson — Martin Freeman in a bad movie call... "Best Christmas ever!" — a kind and funny story about the eternally dissatisfied teacher and a Christmas school play in which he is to act as a Director. Get ready to see a little bit banal and naive plot, but chock full of the most pleasant emotions. Want to laugh heartily over the jokes of the characters and skillful performance of the actors? Don't delay viewing "Best Christmas" in a drawer!


Love actually (Love Actually)

Release year: 2003

That you true love? It can be very different: a welcome and sudden, mutual and unequal, unforgettable and unattainable... Its power is subject to all the people on earth from simple writer to a serious Prime Minister, whose heart was captivated by a pretty employee of his office. Love is everywhere, soaked her spell all around. And watching the movie "love actually" is a wonderful opportunity to see this.


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Kingsman: the Secret service (Kingsman: The Secret Service)

Release year: 2015

Kingsman will be a great boon to all lovers of spy and detective stories. The plot revolves around a young and attractive criminal Eggsy, who decides to warn, and to instruct on the right way a secret agent of the independent organization. To help HART wants a reason: once upon a time, the father separated from the hands of the guy who saved his life. A new friend invites Eggsy to become a member of his team, but can the guy go through all the stages of learning to cope with all the challenges? published




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