House for life

Getaway — a startup founded by graduate students at Harvard University that designs, manufactures and rents out micro-houses for the citizens, dreaming to escape your digital dependencies and a taste of life in a tiny house surrounded by nature. Getaway currently have three models, each of which is named after the grandmother of one of the members of the team.

Trailer 15 square meters, set in the woods near Boston, USA, designed as a flexible housing with multi-functional internal space. The interior includes several levels, each of which has certain functional approach, but not quite certain, and the method of their use depends on the desires of the individual. Thus, the surface of the seat becomes the sleeping place or area for food, or even the platform on which you walk. The house is equipped with the necessary for the life of plumbing and electrical systems, and gas heating.

A country home Getaway are part of the growing power of the movement "tiny house", whose followers advocate a simple life in small structures.


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