Building a house from matches

Today we will learn how to make houses out of matches. This is a very interesting technique manufacture souvenir (or pyrotechnic devices:-)) from the cheapest material - matches. Moreover, you do not need any glue or nails. Interested? Then let's go ...

For the manufacture of the house we do not need the standard tools to create anything useful:

NAMA will need: 1 package of matches (in the best case, we use only 5 boxes). 2. Box from CD-ROM or book (table will serve to build, which can easily be rotated without disturbing the structure itself) 3. Coin (ideally - 3 Soviet penny, but you can use a 2-ruble coin. Paper money and Credit cards will not work:-))

Place the box on the CD-ROM to ourselves and begin assembly. Put the next two matches, parallel to each other so that the distance between them was a little less than the length of the match.


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