Eater language

Called this creature Cymothoa exigua, and it is a parasitic way of life. Getting a fish in his mouth, with food, it starts to eat fish language, and when completely eat up, takes his place. So, when the fish eats, this scum also eats with her. Previously it was assumed that it is found only in the warm waters of California, but lately they are increasingly being found all over the world.

In appearance resembles crustacean parasite - it has small claws, and 3, 5-inch body covered with armor. Once in the mouth, and the fish clinging to the language being slowly devoured it to its very foundations

Disposing of the "prey", the insect firmly fixed on the root of the tongue, and thus became his substitute.

In the UK for the first time found an insect, fish devouring language. Strange creature, whose scientific name cymothoa exigua, was found in the mouth of a red snapper bought in the London market. Finding buying a "bonus", Londoners, contact the person who struck a godsend.

Scientist Jim Brock from the museum Hornimena said that over thirteen years of his work he faced with the creation of the first


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