High school in Australia

A whole bunch of architectural awards were won by the architectural office McBride Charles Ryan for the draft campus for senior high school Penley and Essendon in Melbourne, Australia.

The campus has the name infiniti Center (The Infinity Centre), as the project concept is based on the infinity symbol, which reflects the commitment of schools to the ideas of lifelong education and even present in its logo.

Fluid form of the building is structured around two courtyards. Lined with shiny silver-and-black ribbons of brickwork, infiniti Centre rises as a monolithic medieval fortress town. Wide is the gate, enhancing the feeling of continuity of this form and provide access into the internal courtyards of the school — one for formal and another for informal meetings.

In the heart of "Infinity" is located the library and student learning center. Specialized areas such as Art, Science, Languages, as well as a huge variety of learning spaces are distributed throughout the building. Each area is highlighted with color and has its own unique properties, but they are all smoothly connected to each other.

The design embodies the idea of educational travel in which the individual disciplines are connected and intertwined. The layout of the building organizes the circulation of traffic in such a way that the man keeps coming back to the library — in his heart. It turns out that on a physical level approved by the educational ethos of the school: continuous learning, the interweaving of different activities, connecting individual approach and structural logic, and feeding the center of all of this is the library as an inexhaustible store of wisdom and knowledge.


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