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If you think seriously about the right way of life, healthy nutrition and habits, it is necessary to look more attentively at their surroundings. No, I'm not that a healthy lifestyle needs to start at the same time. Let everyone decide it for himself, and begin at the right time, consciously and without pressure. I began to think about the sustainability of their environment.

It has long been noticed that there are people that coincide with the first word, with the first well said joke. There are those, to which we must look to find the key. And after some time built a mechanism understanding, and it turns out that the child you loved the same movie or book. Or love are different, but the man is so interesting that it is willing to listen, genuinely interested in what he says.

It is all varieties of your people, butthere are also those who, by their turn, can.

Joke with them a good almost did not happen, to have to explain the meaning of each. Repeated twice and explained the joke begins to taste bitter in his mouth. You want to forget about it and never joke in the presence of this man. And I want to stop receiving unsolicited pointless advice for any reason, to unsubscribe from their mailing directly to the presence of the sender, without violating the accepted norms of behavior.

One of the ways to reduce the toxicity of such communication is to increase the time intervals between appointments, sometimes conscious of their avoidance, if possible careful veiled. Communication with his men not only takes away time and energy, causing you to experience irritation and anger, which still have to hide.

But as you know, in life there are no random people. Those with whom communication is so annoying, give an opportunity to feel the value of their. Here is something for them and should not spare time and effort, hiding behind the screen of everyday Affairs. It is necessary to search, to call and write, to expend itself, and to receive such understanding and support, you should start to think about something else.

And how many more amazing people made us life for comfortable communication. They have similar with you the professional interests or Hobbies, children, maybe grandchildren the same age as yours. You just need to allow myself to leave the house or engage in a long-forgotten hobby. And even better to start something completely new, not afraid to be a beginner, making mistakes and falling down, to wait for someone's help and happy to accept it. And there is absolutely nothing to do with age, social status and other things.


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And when there is at least one a friend acquired in middle age, it is easier to let go of those people, communicating with whom grew up or they grew up. It is also an art to let go and find yourself renewed and ready for new encounters.published


Author: Galina Papyrin


Source: Galina Papyrin


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