CAUTION! Parabens in cosmetics can provoke the development of cancer!

Every time you take a shower, wash your hair, apply a mask or sunscreen, you get a dose of harmful chemical substances is parabens.

A group of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that in small doses they can be more dangerous than previously thought. New research published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, warn consumers that the chemicals can mimic the hormone estrogen and increase the risk of developing cancer.

According to research by Dale Leitman, a gynecologist and a molecular biologist at the California Universitete Barkley: "Although parabens mimic the rising levels of oestrogen in cancer cells of the breast, some believe that this effect is too weak to cause harm. But together with other agents that regulate cell growth, the probability of getting sick increases."

Parabens "convince" the body that they are estrogens. The more estrogen affects a woman's body, for example, medications to delay menopause or obesity, the greater the risk of developing breast cancer.

Scientists from UC Berkeley and the silent spring, which sponsors research chemicals and women's health, wanted to know how parabens effect on the body. To study this, they analyzed the breast cancer cells with two types of receptors — the estrogen receptor and the human receptor, epidermal growth factor (HER2).

In 25% of patients with breast cancer observed elevated levels of HER2. Tumors with this receptor are growing and expanding more aggressive than other types of breast cancer.

For the study, researchers used heregulin of breast cells to activate the HER2 receptor, at that time, as cells were exposed to parabens.

The obtained data showed that parabens triggered estrogen receptors to activate genes that affect the proliferation of breast cells.

Parabens contribute to the growth of cancer cells in concentration 100 times lower compared to cells that were not subjected to heregulin.

This shows that the level of parabens should not be high enough to lead to the development of cancer.

Moreover, parabens are one of the most commonly used preservatives in cosmetic products.

Moreover, in 2004 it was discovered that deodorants with parabens cause breast tumors. And that put the effectiveness of the previous research into question. But FDА found the results significant enough to prohibit the use of parabens.

The research group of the University of silent spring tries to study their effect on the body in different conditions, under the influence of hormones during puberty and pregnancy.

At the same time, while scientists are trying to figure out what doses parabens safe for the human body, some companies refused to use parabens in their products.



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