How to choose the deodorant in the heat?

Sun, heat... these days many suffer from excessive sweating. What to do when the sweat is dripping off you hail, creating unpleasant odors? At this time, a simple deodorant will be useless, spicy and floral aromas will also not help, on the contrary, will make the smell unbearable. Then what to do? What deodorant to buy: solid, powder or regular spray?

To choose the right deodorant, you should first read what ingredients it consists of. Substances such as chlorhexidin or triclosan must be listed on the package. They mask the odor by destroying bacteria. With continued use deodorant-absorbent, with an unpleasant smell of sweat, You say goodbye for a long time. Disadvantage of this tool is that it does not aromatize the skin. On top of the deodorizer, absorbing odor, you need to apply a roll-on perfume to flavor.

With the active sweating in the heat, it is best to use deodorants, antiperspirants because they contain aluminum salts that allows long time to keep the skin dry.

But if you're afraid to purchase deodorant because you are allergic to some of its components, you can easily make it at home. Believe me this tool will be equally effective against the increased excretion of sweat. For example, the infusion of horsetail. It is so: one of the herbs have ten parts alcohol (vodka). You need to wait until the mixture rises, and then twice a day they can wipe the skin. Thus, the alcohol destroys harmful microorganisma and horsetail make the skin dry.

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