Russian Penguins (7 photos)

Puffins (Lunda cirrhata) - natives of the North Pacific, including the Far Eastern seas of Russia, and certain waters of the Arctic Ocean. These seabirds, puffins migrate most of their lives in the open ocean. However, for breeding every spring for four months returned to his native shores.

On the maps of the Kamchatka Krai and the Sakhalin Oblast can find a number of islands and coastal cliffs single, named in honor of puffins. And traditional place of reproduction - the Commander archipelago, which is one of the largest and most ancient sites of these birds, of course, referred to the island Toporkov. Every year here flew more than 100 thousand individuals, despite the fact that the area of ​​the piece of land is less than half a square kilometer.

Equip puffins nest begin in May. Most of the birds to lay eggs make a hole in the layer of peat: dig shelters strong beak, wielding it as a pick and legs rake the soil outside

Serokrylaya Gull selects legitimate prey from lund.

Since the fishing spots are far removed from the land, puffins bring chick once the whole "bunch of" fish clamped in its beak. Reliably established record catch - 29 fishes at a time!


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