3 basic rules for healthy nutrition

In my experiment, I set a goal: to find the diet that I would feel at my maximum. The middle ground, where will and tasty, and useful, and a lot of energy, and not too many limitations, at all feasible without having to your entire life to devote.

In this study, I came across the website of the American journalist Michael Pollan, who have asked the same question. Unlike me, he used not only his own experience and research. And wrote this study book and made a documentary film "In defense of food."

After watching it, I realized that my experiment can be completed, as all the answers are found! And they fit into three of the simplest principle, which is not too difficult. Yay!

Just kidding, finish the experiment do not want. It's been six months, and there are the results! Now tell about what you learned.

Michael in his study understood that went contradictory to modern concepts of nutrition: harmful if fat, do I need to switch to gluten free products, whether to use sugar substitutes and other burning questions.

As the mankind lived before, when neither of which are gluten and sakharozameniteli no one had any idea? Why bread for centuries was the staple food of mankind, and now suddenly become harmful? And finally, what the result has to be healthy? We are in the movie, of course, about America, but our reality is more than applicable.

Very simple: for centuries mankind was making bread on their own, rubbing the grain in a mortar, leaving the bran in the flour using natural leaven, not synthetic yeast. Let's follow the example of bread: with the development of industry, more and more operations in the production of steel to produce cars, and the owners of cars began to wonder how to preserve the product? How to make him buy? Then add that the buyer returned it to you? In a perfect bun, perfect candy, perfect fries that are so delicious that nobody can resist. And that's nothing left alive and very few natural.

Take an ordinary potato chips: you at least one similarity with potatoes in them?

But: sugar, salt, preservatives, flavor enhancers. All that is addictive and helps to keep the product forever. People "addicted" to these products that result led to an increase in cholesterol, obesity, strokes...

The film beautifully explains how subsequently, manufacturers have created a new trend: products that are low in fat, with sugar substitutes (remember Coca-Cola light?) and a relatively new trend: gluten-free food. Which are designed to solve the problems created by the same producers of food. Or other, doesn't matter.

But in reality, we don't have to get in on this chain! Simply follow three simple principles that completely resonate with what I come as a result of their own experiment.

1. Eat food / Eat food

We mean real food, cooked by a human and not a machine. Chefs, not the conveyors. No preservatives or chemicals, and natural products. What has no labels and colorful packaging staring at us from all supermarket shelves. What is not conserved so that it can be kept forever! To prepare ourselves and to prepare products that have undergone minimal intervention of our glorious industry. Or buy food where it is prepared people!


2. Mostly plants / mostly vegetable

There's no urgent call to all to become vegetarians or vegans. Just now such a large selection of products! But still a lot of meat, which gives more stress on the digestive system. As a result, we often forget to add in your diet of fresh plant foods. And she, as we know, the source of vitamins, minerals and fibers that promote healthy digestion and cleansing the entire digestive system.


3. Not so much / Not too much

Take one principle, and your energy level will rise at least twice! Food and eating is everywhere now, and we are constantly chew, snack, Breakfast, second Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and bedtime something to intercept. And we get used to this routine, and it seems that we have so many needs, otherwise hunger!

And in fact, when we eat a lot of simple carbohydrates, it causes a spike in blood sugar (which is why it is so easy to get used to sweet and it's so hard to give it up). After a short period of time sugar falls again. We think we're hungry, but ate just recently!


Michael Pollan: the 25 rules of healthy eating that you acknowledge the wiseGrand MYTH about the FLU is true of Marva Oganyan

The result is we consume much more than our system needs. Food is not time to properly digested before the stomach gets a new piece. To cope with such volumes, the body spends a tremendous amount of energy and vital resources. No wonder after a good meal many are so sleepy!


Author: Svetlana Pokrovskaya


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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