Toyota begins development of electric vehicles

Not long ago, the Nikkei newspaper reported that Toyota plans to develop fully electric cars. Now this information was confirmed by the Japanese automaker.

In December Toyota formed a joint venture, where staff will begin research in the field of electric vehicles. The composition will include experts of Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Industries Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co. and Denso Corporation.

Details of the project so far, unfortunately, were not disclosed. Toyota notes that the venture capital firm will have access to the technological know-how and the necessary resources of the Toyota Group.

Currently, Toyota, in addition to traditional vehicles with internal combustion engine, produces a hybrid model, as well as cars on hydrogen fuel elements (sedan Mirai). With the market launch of electric vehicles, the Japanese giant is in no hurry, stating that he expects to present a "proper car at the right time and right place".

According to unofficial data, the first electric vehicles will be a Toyota crossover with a power reserve of about 300 km, it is Expected that he will debut on the market in 2020. published




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