What would Odessa an operating system. Fantastically funny!

It is said that residents Deribasovskaya can make fun of everything. Today the Site is found to the reader amazing description of the operating system, which could be created by the great Odessa minds! 1. After booting OS appears: "I Still loaded!" and within 15 minutes, plays the melody "Seven forty", which can neither suspend nor cancel.

2. When you press the "start" message appears: "Well, then you sho klatsat, would go better in football played...".

3. Keyboard driver automatically converts the letter "g" in the letter "x" and the letter "h" in "h".

4. When you open a new document by default it is assigned the name "Schaub you were здоров.doc".

5. When connecting to the Internet appears: "you Sho is on the line? And suddenly your mom call?".

6. When you open any folder or file appears a warning message: "And it you need to go?".

7. When installing any program I get the message: "so, where are you going to write off? You bought a new hard drive?".

8. The file sizes are accurate to the bit, and instead of a timer in the panel is integrated electricity meter during the operation of the computer.

9. When you call the help system always appears the instructions for the preparation of gefilte fish.

10. Every 30 minutes automatically turns on a screensaver that says: "Oy vey, I'm tired...".

via factroom.ru


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